Warzone container locations – where to find the red containers in Season 6

What's happening with the red containers in Warzone Season 6?

A battle rages in Warzone around a stack of red shipping containers

Warzone Season 6 is upon us, and mystery is in the air. Not only have we just witnessed lots of strangeness with the Warzone Red Doors and the mobile broadcast stations in Season 5, but now we have some World War Two bunkers to go and explore too – so that’s what those containers were hiding…

Naturally, players are now wanting to find out where the Warzone red container locations are so that they can investigate these new bunkers. While they sat harmlessly last season, and could not be destroyed, opened, or interacted with, all of the containers are now either cracked open or blown to pieces as a result of Verdansk’s explosive makeover for Season 6.

There were seven red container locations prior to the update, but now only a handful are left standing. Those that remain, however, will guide you into the new Warzone bunkers, so it’s definitely worth scouting them out.

Warzone container locations

Here are the Warzone container locations:

  • To the east of Airport, at the end of the runway opposite Hangar 1
  • To the east of Boneyard
  • To the northeast of Array

These are the only remaining red container stacks in Warzone, and they are also the Warzone bunker locations.

Prior to the detonation of the bombs that have destroyed much of Verdansk, they were also located at:

  • Downtown, in a small square/ courtyard next to the northeastern tower block (nearest to Stadium)
  • Downtown, on the outskirts near the bridge connecting Downtown and Hospital
  • Promenade East, behind the restaurant
  • Stadium, in the centre of the future playing field

Visiting these spots, you might be able to see the remains of a few red containers strewn across the landscape. But what you’ll definitely see are some massive, gaping holes and fissures.

These are all the locations we know about so far, but if more are added to the game in Season 6 we will be sure to update this guide.