Warzone container locations: where to find the red containers in Season 5

All the locations for the mysterious stacks of red containers in Warzone Season 5

A battle rages in Warzone around a stack of red shipping containers

Warzone Season 5 is upon us, and mystery is in the air. Not only are more strange things going on with the Warzone Red Doors and the mobile broadcast stations that spawn around the map, but some bizarre red shipping containers have been dumped around Verdansk as well.

What their purpose or function is is a complete mystery right now, but what we do know is that these identical stacks of red containers make one hell of a racket. When approaching these containers, you’ll be met with the loud whirring of what sounds like a generator coming from inside them. However, there’s no way to look within them or get inside.

Surrounding each container is one dark blue electrical box and one dark blue gas tank, each with wires and pipes leading inside. It’s all very peculiar, and while they lay inactive right now, players are trying to find the Warzone red container locations to see them for themselves.

So far, seven red container stacks have been found – some close to one another, some hundreds of meters away. There appears to be no rhyme or reason to it, but here’s where to find them.

Warzone container locations

Here are the Warzone container locations:

  • Downtown, in a small square/ courtyard next to the northeastern tower block (nearest to Stadium)
  • Downtown, on the outskirts near the bridge connecting Downtown and Hospital
  • Promenade East, behind the restaurant
  • Boneyard, just to the east of Boneyard
  • Stadium, in the centre of the future playing field
  • Hangars, opposite Hangar 1 on the other end of the taxiway
  • Array, in the middle of open land to the east of Array

These are all the locations we know about so far, but if more are added to the game we will be sure to update this guide.

Who knows what these mysterious containers hold. Maybe they will be part of some elaborate easter egg, or work in tandem with the mobile broadcast stations and Red Doors. Or maybe they will act as part of the mid-season event titled The Numbers? It’s all speculation right now, but we’re intrigued to see what happens with them.

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