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Warzone mine locations: what’s inside the mines in Warzone?

Check out the Warzone mines that opened as part of the Secrets of the Pacific event, and what was hidden inside.

The dark interior of a disused mine in Warzone

 This content is no longer available in-game following the discontinuation of support for the Black Ops Cold War version of Warzone.

When the new 1980s-era Verdansk map came to Call of Duty Warzone, there were plenty of new POIs and off-the-grid spots to explore. However, one thing that remained a bit of a mystery was the series of sealed or blocked openings into some mines.

These mine entrances could be found in the areas you’d expect. There were plenty around the Salt Mine POI, and others could be found north of Airport around the Old Mine. But players had noticed by peeking through gaps in the barriers or gates, or by actually clipping themselves through them, that they were not just there for aesthetic reasons.

These mysterious Warzone mines were lying dormant for use in the future – the Secrets of the Pacific event to mark the end of Verdansk. Secrets of the Pacific event began on Wednesday, November 24, 2021. Unfortunately, with the removal of Black Ops Cold War support from Warzone, Verdansk ’84 and the Mine locations are no longer available in-game.

Warzone mine locations

There were two mine locations in Warzone’s Verdansk ’84 map, located underneath Old Mine and to the northwest of Salt Mine. However, only the Old Mines south of Summit were involved in the Secrets of the Pacific event.

A mineshaft entrance at the Old Mine location in Warzone

Warzone mine locations – Old Mine

There were three mine entrances visible around the Old Mine buildings in Warzone. The first was directly underneath the largest building, built into the rockface. The next one was just behind the central building with the tower jutting upwards, and the last was just to the right of that one, before you reached the tiny shack next to the entrance to the road tunnel.

A boarded up mine entrance at the Old Mine in Warzone

There was also a sealed door built into the west wall of the adjacent road tunnel. It was completely sealed and had ‘BO’ written above it in Russian (no, it didn’t say ’60’ like many thought).

Warzone Mine Locations – Salt Mine

The most obvious Warzone mine entrances were in the back courtyard area of Salt Mine to the north. Following the rail track that led into the cliff would show you one, and there was also a smaller one at the end of the dirt path above it.

To the east of that was a smaller tunnel with what looked like another potential entrance (look for the big silver pipes). Moving east again, you would come to the huge main entrance to the mine. Diving into the Warzone Strategy guide at the time, this was described as “currently sealed to operators”. “Currently”, eh?

The main entrance to the underground section of Salt Mine in Warzone

Going up the hill that was northwest of the Salt Mine, you came across two similar-looking entrances within a few meters of each other.

At the peak of the hill was another inaccessible shack that looked similar to the one in Old Mine. To the northeast of that, opposite the shack in grid square H2, was another entrance built into the rockface.

An entrance to a mine built into a cliff face in Warzone

And finally, if you went about 100 meters northwest of that entrance, you could find another route into the mine. This one tempted you in as it looked unblocked at the time, but once you started making your way through the tunnel, some blocked doors would greet you.

An entrance to a mine in the hills north of Salt Mine in Warzone

While these didn’t lead into one massive connected underground area, and not even all of them opened, exploring the Old Mines was an exciting time during the Secrets of the Pacific event.

What’s in the Warzone mines?

As for what was inside the Warzone mines at Salt Mines, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. As a POI, there were chests and other floor loot to find. However, there was also Intel for the Secrets of the Pacific event. This could be found by interacting with a box of dynamite in the mines and holding onto the Intel for a specified amount of time.

Escape with the Intel, and you would unlock the Familiar Machinery spray, and finding all six Intel would unlock the Bomber Menace STG44 blueprint.

Interestingly, we had a glimpse inside the Old Mine long before they officially opened. Not only did the Warzone Strategy Guide contain some images of the space, but some players managed to clip their way through the locked ‘BO’ door in the road tunnel to gain access and look around.

There wasn’t anything too exciting in there at the time though, as it was a fairly standard POI outside of the Intel for the event – which had not begun yet.

That’s all there is to know about the mysterious Warzone mines, and what eventually became of them.