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Warzone Season 5 Reloaded Red Door easter egg - how to solve, rewards, and more

Here's how to crack the cryptic graveyard easter egg in Warzone Season 5 Reloaded during the Black Ops Cold War era.

 This content is no longer available in-game following the removal of the Verdansk map and the discontinuation of support for the Black Ops Cold War version of Warzone.

Until the Warzone Red Door easter egg back in Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Reload, it had been a while since the last proper easter egg hunt.

Involving the Warzone Red Doors, secret codes, and graveyards, this sure was a fun easter egg to solve in the battle royale game. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available ever since Warzone’s integration with Black Ops Cold War was wrapped up, leading to this content being removed from the game in its entirety.

Nevertheless, here was how to solve the Warzone Red Door easter egg in Season 5 Reloaded of the Black Ops Cold War era.

Warzone Red Door Graveyard easter egg walkthrough

The graveyard easter egg in Warzone Season 5 Reloaded was cracked by listening to the number sequences read out by Stitch in the Red Door stations. Each station had a different sequence of numbers. Each number corresponded to a letter of the alphabet, e.g. 1 was A, 2 was B, and so on.

If you managed to visit all of the Warzone Red Door stations with your teammates and noted down the numbers being read out in each one, you could decode the number sequences into words. You then placed the stations in alphabetical order (Alpha Station, Bravo Station, etc.) to form a cryptic message: “Lay the king to final rest above the bones of six feet depth.”

After some exploration, it was discovered that in front of a tombstone in the center of the Verdansk graveyard (northeast of Boneyard, south of Superstore), a prompt would appear reading: ‘???’. Interacting with it then created a digging noise and dirt was thrown up, but nothing happened.

To actually dig up the loot buried beneath this tombstone, you needed a specific weapon blueprint. The blueprint was called Lost Lion, and it was a variant of the Cane melee weapon. When finding it as loot in Warzone, it would be described as The King.

But how did you get it? Well, when you went through a Red Door, you were taken to a corridor with five more Red Doors. Walking up to each one triggered a voice line. Four were Stitch voice lines, and one was Adler. Go through the Adler door, and you would be taken to a station. Inside one of the chests in that station was the Lost Lion blueprint.

Once you had a Lost Lion blueprint equipped, you could head to the tombstone and dig at the grave again. You would be rewarded with your loot, and a Challenge Complete banner appeared on-screen as well.

Warzone red door graveyard easter egg: A tombstone featuring the statue of a queen sitting in the VErdnask graveyard in Warzone.

If you were working as a team, there was something to be aware of, however: you could not just pass the Cane around your team for each player to dig and get the rewards. Each member of the team had to go through a Red Door to find their own Lost Lion.

Warzone Red Door graveyard easter egg rewards

For completing this easter egg, you would receive $5,000 in-game cash per player (so it was worth doing every game for some free wonga), and a new Calling Card.

So that was how to solve the Warzone Red Door graveyard easter egg that popped up way back in Season 5 Reloaded of the Black Ops Cold War era.