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Rocket League’s latest patch adds cross-platform progression

Psyonix is prepping the game for it's free-to-play launch next week

Rocket League

Rocket League’s developer’s Psyonix is preparing for arguably its biggest update in the game’s five year history. With Rocket League on the verge of going free-to-play next week, a whole host of features have been added to the game in the latest patch.

One of the headline features included in that patch, which is now live, is that cross-platform progression is now available. Petrol heads can now link each platform they own Rocket League on to a single Epic Games account to share progression, inventory, competitive rank, and more. You’ll have to select a primary platform for progress, so ideally you want to pick the one you have a higher rank on.

Old players will also be granted legacy status with this patch, so you’ll find loads of new goodies in your inventory when you next log on. As part of being an original Rocket League player, you’ll be given Faded Cosmos boost, Golden Cosmos boost, Dieci-Oro wheels, a Huntress player banner, and an Est. 20XX title.

The highly-anticipated changes to tournaments have also gone live with this update, although only a few test events will be available to play until the game goes free-to-play on September 23.

As well as the new features above, a few changes and bug fixes have been made. Here’s the full list:

Item Changes:

  • Many items formerly classified as Common are now Uncommon or higher, and must be obtained via Drops by new players
  • Common Items are no longer unlocked in large batches per slot by playing matches. Any player with Legacy status that had not unlocked all of these items will receive remaining items in “Legacy” quality
  • Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare Items no longer drop randomly after matches – these will be replaced by a new Drops system coming with free to play
  • “Legacy” and can no longer be obtained by new accounts
  • Some older ‘V1’ Engine Audio options are no longer available

Support a creator:

  • You can now support your favorite content creators by applying a Creator Code to your account in the Item Shop screen
  • Your chosen creator will receive a percentage of your Credits spent while the code is active on your account

Default settings changes:

  • Control Bindings are now organized into three presets – “Default”, “Legacy”, and “Custom”
    • Legacy is used for all existing accounts and uses the same controls since out 2015 launch
    • Default assigns “Air Roll” to L2/LT by default an unbinds “Voice Chat”
    • You can switch to “Default” or “Legacy” without losing your Custom bindings
  • Voice chat is now disabled by default

New Hitbox

  • Added a new Vehicle Preset based on the Merc car
  • This hitbox is both taller and narrower than the other hitboxes. Check it out and let us know what you think!

New quick chats

  • Informational Quick Chats
    • Bumping!
    • Faking.
    • On your left.
    • On your right.
    • Passing!
  • Compliment Quick Chats
    • Nice Bump!
    • Nice Demo!

Keyboard aerial safety

  • The new keyboard aerial safety setting prevents keyboard and mouse players from pitching down in the air while holding Throttle (W) until other inputs are recognised
  • With this setting active, your car will not begin pitching down until you either pitch up, release the throttle/pitch down key, or air roll in any direction
  • This setting can be disabled in Options – Controls tab


  • [PC] DirectX9 is no longer supported
  • The Level 700 ‘Supersonic Legend’ Title has been changed to ‘Legendary Nemesis’
  • Heatseeker is now available in Private and Local Matches
  • The Solo Standard Competitive Playlist is no longer available

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug preventing offending chat from being displayed when an account is banned
  • Additional performance optimisations made to the Gravity Bomb Goal Explosion
  • Rebooting the game will no longer put the player on their oldest Car Preset
  • Tournament creators can spectate matches after leaving the tournament as a player