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Rocket League’s revamped tournament mode will match players based on rank

The change comes as Rocket League prepares for a new season

Rocket League

Rocket League is completely revamping how is tournaments work, including changes to how Ranked mode intertwines with tournaments, rules regarding entry, and rewards within tournaments. It comes as Rocket League prepares to go free-to-play, something which will likely happen on or before September 1, when the new season gets underway.

Rocket League says this restructure is aimed at allowing players to “feel the competitive energy of what it’s like playing in Rocket League Esports”, regardless of their rank. Once the season kicks off (should that be drives off?), tournaments will happen daily, and will allow players to climb through ranks with successive victories.

The daily tournaments are region specific, and feature teams of 3 v 3. Players can either compete as a ready built squad or can solo queue and be matched with players of similar rank and ability. There are no limits to how many tournaments any player joins, but bans are handed out for early quitters.

Players can rise up the ranks through wins in these tournaments, and will be placed in the bracket of their highest ranked player. Rocket League offers the example of two Gold players and a Diamond player on a team; this squad would compete in the Diamond tournament.

Each tournament consists of 32 teams, in single elimination brackets based on each team’s skill. Teams play one match each round until the semi finals and finals, which are then best of three. Teams that lose in the first round (or show up late) can join a ‘Second Chance’ bracket for another try at victory, ensuring that all players can get a slice of the tournament fun.

Every player who makes it through at least one round will see some level of rank boost, as well as being rewarded in new Tournament Credits. These can be used to redeem Cups, which themselves offer customisation options. The further you go in a tournament – and the higher the bracket – the more coins you get. Winning a tournament outright will also unlock specific titles to remind everyone of your victory.

These tournaments will sit alongside the Rocket League seasons, and will change with each season too. Matches can last for a total of 11 minutes, after which if the game is tied, the team with the most registered shots will continue through.

With this total revamp of tournaments and likely a boom in player base following going fully free-to-play, Rocket League is clearly looking to refresh itself, hooking new fans while keeping the old ones interested.