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FIFA 21 next-gen upgrade goes live early

And it's live!

FIFA 21’s free next-generation upgrade to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions have gone live earlier than expected for the majority of players. Anyone who purchased the PS4 or Xbox One versions of FIFA 21 should now be able to get their complimentary next-gen upgrade from the respective stores.

While there are no groundbreaking new features or gameplay changes in the next-gen version, the graphics overhaul and new visual animations are already being ogled by excited fans. These include new celebrations, like this awesome one when you score a late winner in a game. If you ever wondered what ‘absolute scenes’ would look like in FIFA, then this is it.

However, some fans are concerned about some of the caveats that come with playing on the next-gen version of FIFA 21. Because there is no cross-generation matchmaking (i.e. players on the PS5 version can’t play against those on the PS4 version) some are concerned that queue times could be longer than usual and the pool of potential opponents too small.

There have already been some reports on the r/FIFA subreddit of Division Rivals players being put up against opponents with far higher skill ratings than themselves due to the limited player count.

Along with the announcement that the next-gen upgrade was live, EA also posted a Pitch Notes answering some frequently asked questions. While most of it was recycled from past Pitch Notes articles, there was, for the first time, clarification as to which competitive elements in FUT would be cross-generational.

Top 200 leaderboards for both FUT Champions and Squad Battles will include players from both generations, and Division Rivals ranks will also look at the overall spread of players from both generations.

This is despite next-gen and last-gen players being unable to play each other.