FIFA 21 players ditching their next-gen versions due to long matchmaking queues

Players are also facing much higher rated players in Divisions Rivals

It’s no secret that the Xbox Series X|S and the PlayStation 5 are in incredible demand. Although a lucky few have managed to get their hands on a next-gen console this side of Christmas, many are finding that the short supply of consoles is having an effect in online games. FIFA 21 players, for example, are having to wait much longer than usual to find Divisions Rivals games.

This type of disruption was expected, but the lack of available players is having a knock on effect on skill-based matchmaking. As such players, that are hundreds of points apart from each other in skill rating, are being matched together in next-gen games. This is creating an unbalanced competitive ecosystem for many, especially for those in the top divisions.

Several threads have been posted on FIFA’s subreddit this week, with many claiming that their matches have felt very one-sided and unfair. One player has even gone as far as to describe their most recent match, which had a skill rating difference of around 300 points, as  the infamous “Germany against Brazil” game in the 2014 World Cup. Let’s be honest, Rivals is sweaty enough as it is, so being matched against someone who feels like they’ve super-glued the ball to their foot is pretty damn infuriating.

But, that being said, we were warned. In the next-gen FIFA 21 pitch notes, EA says that due to matchmaking times being longer, it has  “some flexibility to increase the maximum ranges used for skill level in some modes”. However, when The Loadout contacted EA about this, we were told that the studio is “monitoring the matchmaking situation to see if any further adjustments are needed.”

Since there’s nothing on the game’s Trello board to suggest changes are being implemented, some players are choosing to revert their copy of FIFA 21 back to the PS4 or Xbox One version. This is so they can enjoy realtively quick matchmaking that’s balanced for all.