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With Escape From Tarkov’s latest wipe set to take place later today, developer Battlestate Games has shared a whole bunch of statistics from the current cycle. These include faction, kill, and skill stats, as well as numbers from the pre-wipe events taking place over the past few weeks.

USEC reigned supreme when it came to the faction breakdown, with 63% of players opting for the US-based side. While there are only minor differences between USEC and Bear, either the lure of being more proficient with NATO weapons, or a preference in voicelines saw USEC receive the lion’s share of recruits.

One of the more surprising stats was that only 26,343 players reached the strength level cap – perhaps an indication of the difficulty of levelling skills within the game. Additionally, only 144,811 players capped out their endurance.

As for the limited-time pre-wipe events – which we believe should feature more prominently moving forward – 1.6 million players managed to secure a hopefully-meaty amount of loot while secure containers were disabled. Meanwhile, 460,676 players joined forces as either PMCs or Scavs to help one-another to escape.

During the Labs event – which granted players free access to the map – there was only chaos and destruction to be found. Over eight million players entered the Labs, but only one million survived. This isn’t surprising, however, considering many players unfortunately ran into Glukhar, who Battlestate conveniently dropped into the zone.

Another event which took place before the upcoming wipe – which saw a thick fog roll into each map, greatly reducing vision – appears to have offered players apt cover to make their escape. After all, with over 2.5 trillion rubles worth of loot secured, it’s clear to see that sneaky players were able to dip in and out to their heart’s content.

With Escape From Tarkov’s wipe imminent, our thoughts go out to the dedicated few who will once again have to max out their strength and endurance stats.