Rainbow Six Extraction will have 18 operators and 12 maps

All of Extraction's operators will also unlock in Rainbow Six Siege once you own both titles

Rainbow Six Extraction operators entering a building with weapons drawn

Co-op tactical shooter Rainbow Six Extraction finally has a release date of September 16, and the 2021 E3 Ubisoft Forward showcase gave us a first look at gameplay. However, what wasn’t revealed in the showcase was how many operators and maps will be available to play in the game.

Well, an Ubisoft news post appears to have confirmed it. According to the post, Rainbow Six Extraction will have 18 operators and 12 different maps. It doesn’t explicitly mention whether all of this is available at launch for all players on September 16, but with variety and replayability being a key factor of Extraction, it’s likely this will all be available on day one.

While the gameplay and cinematic trailers showed some of the Rainbow Six Extraction operators, it didn’t give us the full lineup. The likes of Sledge, Hibana, Ela were all spotted, and now feature on the game’s official site, which also confirms the lineup will be 18-strong.

Interestingly, all 18 operators included in Extraction will unlock for players who also own Rainbow Six Siege, completely free. If you own both games, you’ll also get a United Front cosmetic bundle.

In the maps department, we’ve got 12 to play. This sounds like a lot to begin with, but when you factor in that they all feature “procedurally generated challenges”, it really does seem like every playthrough of Extraction will be different.

The maps are set across four regions of the United States, according to Ubisoft’s post.