Valorant patch notes 2.11 – Replication returns, performance tweaks, and more

Valorant's final patch before Episode 3 Act 1 is expected to drop is a much more condensed affair

Valorant map Breeze

Entering the final Valortant patch cycle before the expected arrival of Episode 3 Act 1, Riot has decided to keep it simple and roll out a few minor tweaks and fixes, rather than the usual slew of changes to agents, maps, and game systems.

The headline change for patch 2.11 sees players utilising mid to high-end hardware receiving a mighty 1% framerate improvement, thanks to optimisations to “abilities, equipment, and weapons in your inventory.” But that’s not the only optimisation on 2.11, with Agent and Environment mesh clipping calculations also reconfigured to further prevent any pesky interactions between the two.

With a new patch comes a new featured game mode rotation. Escalation is set to be de-escalated for now, with Replication returning for its second helping. While we were thankful for the in-built flashguard to prevent Breach players from getting any funny ideas last time round, we’re hoping to see a few more Killjoy bots popping up.

There’s only a few bug fixes to report in this edition of Valorant patch notes, with Reyna now being able to sell and rebuy Dismiss during the Buy Phase as originally intended. Asides from a few Leaderboard UI bugs, and the mysterious case of the infinite loading symbol while viewing a friend’s career now being solved, that’s about it.

With rumours of pricing tweaks to a slew of weapons circulating, Riot could be about to drop some major changes with the advent of Episode 3. As such, we’re looking forward to a much meatier patch when Valorant’s second year really kicks off.