League of Legends adds Aphelios during the last full moon of 2019

He's not a sad moon boi anymore.


League of Legends’ newest champion, Aphelios, also known as the big brain, sad moon boi, has been added to the game to coincide with the last full moon of the decade.

It’s only fitting that the champion was added to the MOBA today, given that we’re due a full moon tonight, and that according to his lore, Aphelios emerged from the moonlight’s shadow with his weapons drawn, guided by his sister in her distant temple sanctuary.

The Reddit community have already blamed Bradford ‘CertainlyT’ Wenban for the timing of Aphelios’ release, after it emerged earlier this year that the designer wanted the champion’s power level to change based on the phase of the moon in real life. He even went as far to say that Riot Games should try to “copyright the moon.” Despite being shut down by his colleagues, it looks like he’s managed to sneak a lunar-related gag past his employer.

The champion is a popular choice on the Summoners Rift at the moment while players try to master his arsenal of complicated moon relic weapons. Aphelios only uses Q, W, and R keys, but because you can’t choose what weapon he equips, players have to gauge when to use certain abilities to swing the momentum of the game.

So when you jump onto the Rift this evening, be glad that you can enjoy Aphelios in all his glory without having to worry about the cycle of the moon.