Only 72.5% of PUBG players have killed another player

I'll cancel that reservation for a chicken dinner for one.


Even if you’ve only played a single round of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you’ll know that the aim of the game is kill or be killed. But it appears not everyone got the memo, because according to the game’s achievements on Steam, only 72.5% of players have actually ended up killing another player.

The interesting statistic was spotted by streamer and PUBG partner, Henrik ‘WackyJacky101’ Kjærulff, who is just as shocked as we are. Given ‘Blood on my Hands’ is the top achievement on Steam for the game, it suggests new players are either really bad at the battle royale game or they picked it up in the sale and haven’t played it yet.

Given that only 64% of all players have achieved ‘Devil Inside Me,’ the achievement for killing ten players by any means, the latter seems most likely.

The Pacifist achievement, for getting to the top ten without killing anyone, is also pretty high on the list, with 64.7% of all players achieving it.

It’s impossible to know how many people have bought PUBG but have never played it, but you’d like to think the stats for killing one person would be higher.