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This essential RPG is coming to PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass very soon

Tales of Arise is coming to PlayStation and Xbox’s subscription services, and it’s a must-play JRPG if you’re on either platform.

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Arguably the best installment in the ‘Tales of’ series, Tales of Arise, is being added to both PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass on Tuesday, February 20, 2024. Not only are PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players in for a treat, but players on last-gen hardware can get in on the action too.

Tales of Arise has been officially announced by PlayStation in its latest line-up of PS Plus games coming to the service’s Premium and Extra tiers. Xbox, meanwhile, previously leaked Tale of Arise would be joining the list of new Game Pass games, though has now officially confirmed it will arrive via the Xbox Japan Twitter account.

One of 2021’s best RPG games, Tales of Arise sees the meeting of two people from conflicting planets attempt to forge a brighter future for their homelands. The world of Dahna – home of protagonist Alphen – has been enslaved by Rena – the land Arise’s other protagonist, Shionne hails from. Alphen is seeking to free his planet from the tyranny of Rena, while noblewoman Shionne is rebelling against her imperial upbringing to do the same.

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Though the trope of people coming together from warring factions to save the world has been done to death, Arise’s story is multi-layered. Sporting excellent combat that’s full of flair, a charming cast of characters, and various, beautiful biomes, Tales of Arise more than deserves its 87 Metacritic score. Arise is the peak of the series – at least going by critic aggregates – and it’s an adventure to which you should dedicate some of your monthly sub time.

Alongside Tales of Arise, PS Plus subscribers will be able to get hands-on with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Lego Worlds, Need For Speed Unbound, Roguebook, and The Outer Worlds on February 20. Game Pass enjoyers, meanwhile, can also check out the retro sci-fi world of the narrative-driven Return to Grace on the same day Arise rises as one of the best Xbox Game Pass games – according to Xbox Japan’s tweet. The Game Pass lineup for February 2024 was already pretty strong, so Tales of Arise is the perfect cherry on top.

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