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Google is overrun by Chocobos to celebrate FF7 Rebirth PS5 launch

If you're after some pixelated nostalgia to celebrate the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth launch on PS5, Google Chocobo right now for a pheasant surprise.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Google Chocobo: the blonde-haired Cloud next to a blonde-haired Chocobo

With the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth launch day finally here, Google is doing its bit to get you in the mood for the PS5 exclusive. If you Google ‘Chocobo’ right now, you’ll be met with a very kweh-ntertaining easter egg in the form of a button that will spawn as many of the iconic birds as you desire. You might even see Cloud make an appearance.

When you initially punch ‘Chocobo’ into the search engine, you’ll be met with the standard results page – a few snaps of the PS5 exclusive’s brilliantly-colored bird, a wiki page, and the other usual gubbins. However, you’ll also notice a golden icon spawn with a familiar silhouette emblazoned on it.

Pressing the button will cause a randomized number of Chocobos of various colors to maraud across the screen. There’s also a chance for Cloud to appear, leading the charge atop his own golden steed… bird. It’s an adorable tribute to not only one of the best new PS5 games around but one of the best games we’ve seen from 2024 so far.

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has also cemented itself as a strong game of the year contender, based on its amazing 92 Metacritic score. Having been universally hailed by critics with only positive reviews on the aggregator, the RPG game has had Metacritic’s ‘must-play’ badge slapped on it – a major triumph for the remake series.

Though we don’t know how long the Google Chocobo easter egg – spotted initially by ‘Genki’ – will stick around, there’s every chance it’ll vanish once the clock strikes 12am local time today, February 29. As such, make sure you take a moment to revel in the chocophony while your copy of FF7R is loading up for the first time.

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