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Palworld esports is a real thing and it is as bonkers as you’d expect

It was only a matter of time before Palworld esports came to life, as the first Palworld Twitch Rivals tournament comes to a close.

Palworld Showdown Twitch Rivals: An image of a Pal in Palworld and the Twitch Rivals logo.

For a game as buggy and absurd as Palworld, you probably wouldn’t expect the Pocket Pair Xbox smash hit to enter the competitive arena. Well, that’s exactly what the recent Palworld Twitch Rivals tournament is all about. Bringing streamers together for a considerable $50,000 prize, the Palworld Showdown may well be the first of many fiery events to come.

Like you, we were thinking just exactly how competitive Palworld would work. The fairly new Xbox game is primarily focused around PVE combat, rather than PVP battles, though that hasn’t stopped millions of players downloading the Xbox Game Pass hit. Instead, the Palworld Showdown brings together 16 teams, consisting of 64-players in total. Each team has up to four hours over two days to “complete as many achievements as possible.”

Furthermore, the rules dictate that “there will be day-specific achievements” for streamers to earn, and that “day 1 achievements completed on day 2 will award half the points.” To win the Palworld Showdown, each team will be ranked based on how many points they’ve accumulated between both days. Each achievement has been crafted specifically for the co-op game, and isn’t to be confused with the in-game achievements.

As each team got to work, this has led to some pretty hilarious moment across both days. Team Tangent were hot on the heels of their rivals, chomping at the bit to get ahead by any means necessary. In fact, their efforts were so intense, that they stunned viewers with an incredible Pal capture that almost gave them a shot of victory. Regardless of their prowess fighting bosses, it just wasn’t to be, unfortunately.

Speaking about the moment on social media, Tangent himself said he “threw the Palsphere with time left on the clock. Low % chance to catch. Twitch Rivals ruled at first that it did not count, but are reviewing it. I hope they reconsider! Buzzer beater for sure.” After a grueling two days of Palworld mayhem, Team AverageJonas eventually came out on top.

Getting the victory by the skin of their teeth, Team AverageJonas netted a total of 5,765 points, just evading a loss from Team Moxsy’s 5,395 points. The whole event has us curious for Palworld’s future in competitive settings, as the planned introduction of PVP will surely be a tournament to look for out.

For now, developer Pocket Pair remains committed to making the game stable, even if the cost is extremely expensive. And if you’re really loving the game, you could win this very cursed Palworld Xbox.