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New MW3 Prime Gaming bundle channels cowboy chaos on Xbox and PS5

The latest MW3 Prime Gaming pack is out now for Xbox and PS5 players, so saddle up and claim this free COD bundle before it is too late.

MW3 Prime Gaming Saddle Up bundle

Getting your hands on slick skins in Modern Warfare 3 will set you back a pretty penny these days, so we’re always on the hunt for a freebie. Luckily, Prime Gaming delivers the goods for Call of Duty players consistently. The latest MW3 Prime Gaming bundle is live now for Xbox and PS5 players, giving you a chance to get your cowboy spurs on the battlefield.

There’s already some awesome Modern Warfare 3 skins with western-themed designs, but you might not want to pay 2,400 Call of Duty points for something like the Gunslinger Ghost skin. Instead, you can head over to the new Prime Gaming drop, which is simply titled ‘Saddle Up’. It isn’t quite as over-the-top as the aforementioned Ghost skin, but you can bring some cowboy justice to all the new MW3 maps introduced with Season 2.

Although, you may have trouble getting into a match given recent issues within the latest COD entry. However, should you be lucky enough to play a few matches in one of the best multiplayer games around, you can also flex a brand-new skin for the DG-56 assault rifle – a weapon that continues to rise up the MW3 meta.

Modern Warfare 3 Prime Gaming bundle: An image of the Saddle Up MW3 Prime Gaming pack.

Like previous bundles before it, you’ll get some nifty loading screen and emblem cosmetics to use, too. We do think it is a little strange there isn’t a cowboy-style skin for the game’s handguns, specifically the TYR revolver.

There’s plenty of time to get your hands on this MW3 Prime Gaming bundle, but we recommend getting a hold of it now, just in case you forget. The bundle will disappear from Prime Gaming on Thursday, March 21, 2024.

Once you have claimed it, there is plenty to crack on with in one of the best FPS games out there. New maps are hiding awesome easter eggs within them, and classic perks have been reworked into intriguing pieces of gear to experiment with. We’ve also had clarification on how the game’s divisive skill-based matchmaking works, too.