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New MW3 map features a cheesy Breaking Bad easter egg

Get yourself a slice of the action in Modern Warfare 3 Season 2, thanks to a very cool Breaking Bad easter egg in this new map on Xbox and PS5.

Modern Warfare 3 Breaking Bad Easter Egg: An image of Walter White and Pizza.

Developers are always sneaking in nods to pop culture, especially in Call of Duty games. MW3 Season 2 brings fresh locales to fight in, and one new map is going to be a hit with Breaking Bad fans. However, you might miss this small but cool easter egg if you’re running around at a breakneck pace. 

The latest Call of Duty seasonal update introduces new MW3 maps like Stash House, a compact 6v6 arena to use the best MW3 guns in. But while you check your surroundings, don’t forget to look up, specifically at the entrance to the garage on the map. Doing so will greet you with the image of a discarded pizza, as it rots away on the garage’s roof. Wasting pizza is already a serious crime in our eyes, but not as serious as the crimes of Breaking Bad’s co-lead character Walter White.

Yes, this is a direct nod to the critically acclaimed TV show starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. In the second episode of Breaking Bad’s third season, Caballo sin Nombre, Walter White throws a pizza onto his garage’s roof in anger, and this moment has become a staple in pop culture ever since. According to Time Magazine, Cranston managed to accomplish his impressive pizza throw on his first take.

MW3 Breaking Bad easter egg: An image of Walter White and Pizza in breaking bad and the mw3 map stash house.

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The easter egg extends beyond the pizza too, as there is a much broader nod to the show in one of the best FPS games around. If you cast your eyes to the design of the Stash House map itself, it is very evident just how similar it is to Walter White’s residence. Sledgehammer Games has given it a bit of modern polish, though.

We wonder if there are more Breaking Bad easter eggs hiding in Stash House, but we wouldn’t be surprised at all if Modern Warfare 3 goes full gonzo and just drops a Walter White or Jesse Pinkman operator bundle at some point in the future. If Shredder, The Terminator, or The Walking Dead can cross over with Call of Duty, then anything is on the table.

It isn’t the first time the Modern Warfare series has referenced the show, either. Modern Warfare 2 map Santa Sena Border Crossing includes a familiar looking RV, with bullet holes in the door – just like Walter and Jesse’s own RV.

MW3 breaking bad easter: An image of the Walter White and the RV from breaking bad.

It’d be a pretty jarring crossover, but we still want to see it. Elsewhere in Season 2 news, the latest MW3 Prime Gaming rewards are now live, and are possibly the best free skins yet. Season 2 also resurrects this forgotten game mode, as well as reworking an iconic perk to scare your enemies with.