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PS Store sale knocks up to 90% off of 1,700 top PS4 and PS5 indies

A brand-new sale is now live on the PlayStation Store, featuring top PS4 and PS5 indie hits like Jusant and Dredge... and a pack of Smite gods.

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Sony is hitting PlayStation gamers with sale after sale at the moment. Its latest PS Store bonanza features over 1,700 games (as well as loads of expansions and DLC content too) from indie developers that have been slashed by as much as 90%. That’s a lot of games to sift through, and you’ve only got until Wednesday, February 21 to take advantage. So to make things easier for all you PS4 and PS5 players out there, we’ve picked out our favorite deals to get you to the good stuff quicker.

When most people talk about the best PS4 games or the best PS5 games, minds often race towards massive triple A titles or iconic PS5 exclusives. However, over the last few years there have been some sensational indie games on the platform that have achieved impressive sales figures and clobbered big-budget projects when it comes to review scores. Many of those gems are in this PS Store sale, and so are some great indies that are barely even a year old yet.

One of our absolute favorites from 2023 was Dredge – the cozy yet terrifying fishing sim that we gave a very respectable 8/10 when we reviewed it. Right now, the Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes its Blackstone Key DLC, is 25% off, making it just over $20 in the US and £16.49 in the UK. That’s cheaper than the base version of the game!

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For all you FPS game fans out there, last year’s Trepang2 should definitely be on your radar. An homage to the gloomy and gory shooters of the 2000’s, its over-the-top gore and generic super soldier story tropes would normally be shortfalls for a modern FPS. However, Trepang2 embraces and amplifies these things to create a brutal, punchy experience. Similarly to Dredge, its Deluxe Edition is currently discounted to make it cheaper than the base game – with 30% off, it’ll set you back just $24.49 (£24.49 as well for those in the UK).

Despite being just over three months old, the charming Jusant is also in the PS Store indie sale. This climbing puzzle game was a hit with the critics last year, chalking up a healthy 85 average on Metacritic, and while its 20% discount isn’t the biggest in the sale, it’s pretty decent for such a new and celebrated game. Jusant is just $19.99 (£15.99) right now, and if you’re a PS Plus subscriber you’ll actually get an extra 5% discount on top of that.

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As you can see, there are tasty deals to be had on some of last year’s top indies. However, there are some older hits to mention too.

Fans of the best horror games can enjoy what is maybe the best discount in this entire sale. Cult classic Outlast has been slashed by a massive 90% to make it just $1.99 (£1.54). Plus, the sequel, Outlast 2, has the same discount applied, making it just $3.99 (£3.49). That means you can pick up these two terrifying, iconic horror titles for just under five bucks!

A whopping 80% saving has also been slapped onto the zombie slaying mayhem of Killing Floor 2. We love a good co-op shooter here on The Loadout, and while Killing Floor 2 isn’t the most sophisticated we’ve ever played, it’s still a great laugh. In the US, it’s down from $29.99 to just $5.99, while in the UK it’s down from £24.99 to £4.99.

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And finally, a quick curveball. Free-to-play MOBA Smite has been hugely successful for years, but with an all-new and improved sequel on the way soon, interest in it is surging again. Well, the PS Store indie sale currently serves up Smite’s Ultimate God Pack – which unlocks every character in the game – for just $7.99 (£4.74). That’s 75% off the usual price. With the base game being totally free, and every character at your disposal for less than ten bucks, it’s the perfect chance to get back into Smite or jump in for the first time to learn the ropes ahead of Smite 2.

Below is a quickfire list of a few more standout deals, but you can visit the PS Store indie sale landing page here to browse all the games on offer:

If you also want to check out some great deals for more big-budget, triple-A games, Sony’s got you covered there too. The Critic’s Choice sale includes discounts on top games from 2023, and you can see our roundup of that sale here.