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Bless your Xbox with this stunning free Avowed dynamic background

After fervent fan requests, Obsidian’s stunning Avowed artwork is now available as a free Xbox dynamic wallpaper for your Series X|S console.

Xbox Avowed background wallpaper: A colorful skeleton with fungus growing between its bones while holding a sword in the air. To the right is a large Xbox logo.

Ever since the Xbox Developer Direct showcased Obsidian Entertainment’s Avowed, there’s been a seemingly endless buzz around its gorgeous artwork. Sure, the RPG is shaping up to be a fun adventure across a new fantasy setting, but the game’s key art turned just as many heads as the gameplay itself. After hearing fans’ cries, the Avowed artwork has now been turned into a stunning dynamic background for Xbox Series X|S owners.

With veteran developers at the helm, Avowed could quite easily become one of the best RPG games on Xbox – or even one of the best Xbox games period. And now, you can bless your Xbox Series X|S console with its glorious art in an animated background right now. To get it, simply head to console settings, personalization, and finally the backgrounds page.

“You asked for it, now it’s here,” the Avowed developer says. With subtle movement on the stark red, tattered cloak and rolling smoke along the bottom, your Xbox has never looked this good. Given its pale background, your game library pops remarkably well thanks to the contrast. Now all we need is this custom Avowed Xbox Series X skin and we’ll be ready for the Avowed release date later this year.

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When it comes to backgrounds, it’s worth pointing out that this Avowed art is one of many to choose from. Xbox gives you a lot more customization options than the competition and it goes a long way in making your console your own. PlayStation, on the other hand, has been floundering. We’re still wondering if and when PS5 themes will ever materialize as Sony’s PS4 offerings were surprisingly strong and the feature’s absence is felt.

Being Obsidian’s take on The Elder Scrolls, mixed in with elements of its iconic Fallout New Vegas, we’re sure plenty of fans will immediately hop on to change their Xbox background for one of the most anticipated new Xbox games. Sadly, there’s still quite some time to go yet. In between gawking at your new background, find out how Xbox’s Sebile controller could give Avowed’s combat a much-needed boost when it’s in our hands.