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Sea of Thieves’ cryptic post hints at rumored PS5 version

Xbox exclusive Sea of Thieves is riding the rumor waves, as a new post cryptically suggests a PS5 version is coming to shore.

Sea of Thieves PS5: An image of a pirate in a Sea of Thieves with a PS5.

Long before Ubisoft attempted to board the pirate RPG wave with Skull and Bones, developer RARE set sail with Sea of Thieves – and now the Xbox-exclusive game could be coming to PS5. Well, that’s if you look deeper into a new social media post, that seems to suggest an alliance with Sony is on the horizon. With Xbox set to deliver a major update on its future soon, this might be the biggest hint yet of what’s to come.

Often billed as one of the best Xbox games out there, RARE seems to be teasing that Sea of Thieves could soon be voyaging to unexplored waters. The Valentine’s Day post reads as follows: “Rowboats are red, and sometimes they’re blue, other times they’re green, occasionally they can be white.” We know that Sea of Thieves has plenty of customization options to mess around with, but the playful tone of the rhyme does seem suspiciously timed. The mysterious social media post is followed up by a misdirection, as RARE jokes: “our favourite colour of Rowboat is purple, by the way, if you fancy leaving us one at Smuggler’s Bay.”

The RPG game is finding itself repeatedly cited alongside other Xbox exclusives like Hi-Fi Rush and Starfield recently, as rumors claim these games will be soon available on other platforms. There’s even talk that Indiana Jones and the Great Circle could be making an appearance on PS5 down the line. However, we won’t have official confirmation on Microsoft’s plans for Xbox until the forthcoming business update with Phil Spencer and the gang.

Sea of Thieves PS5: An image of RARE hinting at Sea of Thieves PS5 release on social media.

Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush, hypothetically, are likely candidates to join the PlayStation ranks. Since launch, Sea of Thieves has continued to introduce regular updates, redeeming itself from rocky waters when it initially debuted. It’d also give Ubisoft stiff competition, as the Skull and Bones release date is right around the corner. Hi-Fi Rush has also had its fair share of success, sweeping multiple accolades through 2023.

Alongside the future of its games, Microsoft is expected to address its goals for new Xbox hardware, following leaks for Project Brooklyn last year. Recent rumors claim that Microsoft is reducing its focus on physical media, meaning that Xbox discs could be a thing of the past. The concept drawings of Project Brooklyn don’t include a disc drive, and it could borrow this feature from the new PS5 Slim model.

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Whether Sea of Theives (or any Xbox exclusive for that matter) enters the lineup of new PS5 games remains to be seen at the time of writing, but we’ll be finding out soon enough. What we do know is that Sony is pulling back its focus on releasing new games for its existing franchises in a disappointing move for PS5 players this year.