Skull and Bones release date and latest news

Here’s everything you need to know about the Skull and Bones release date for the new pirate adventure game coming to PS5 and Xbox.

When is the Skull and Bones release date? Ubisoft fans have been asking for a dedicated pirate adventure game since Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, and now those prayers have been answered. Skull and Bones is all about gathering your sea scoundrels and taking to the high seas.

Having navigated more delays than we can count, it will hopefully be worth the wait. It would certainly be a surprise if Skull and Bones made its way onto our overall best games list, but with that much time in the oven, you never know. It’s definitely one of the most intriguing new PS5 games and new Xbox games of this year, but when exactly is it setting sail?

Skull and Bones release date

The Skull and Bones release date is Friday, February 16, 2024, according to official confirmation from Ubisoft. It will release on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.  

Yes, after many delays, you’ll be setting sail in Skull and Bones shortly after Valentine’s Day. But it isn’t love running through the oceans, it’s the blood of rogue pirates after all your precious loot. The road to Skull and Bones’ release date hasn’t been without turmoil, and it has almost been seven years since it was originally revealed in June 2017 at E3.

But what about how the game actually plays? Let us take you through what to expect on the high seas.

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Skull and Bones gameplay

Skull and Bones is a multiplayer action-adventure game, where you’ll play as your own pirate, thanks to Skull and Bones character creation, to go from an outcast to an infamous seadog. You’ll need to survive by looting food, managing a crew that can become unruly and rebellious, crafting and wearing gear, and looking after your trusty ship.

A true pirate life will see you working towards contracts, plundering, taking part in events, and more. You’ll be rewarded with Infamy, which progresses you towards becoming a pirate legend. Plenty of other players will stand in your way, though, meaning you’ll need to work alone or with friends to ensure you come out on top. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter what platform you play on, as Skull and Bones crossplay is available.

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During your pirating adventure, you’ll gain access to various ships with their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as different weapons ranging from classic cannons to rocket launchers. You can also gather resources across the ocean that will help you during your adventure. The different ways of getting new gear, gaining infamy, and securing your place in pirate legend offer a lot of creative freedom.

Skull and Bones Open Beta date

If you actually want a taste of the game before it fully releases, you’re in luck. You can participate in the Skull and Bones Open Beta from Thursday, February 8, 2024, until Sunday, February 11, 2024. And it gets better, because not only are you playing the game early, but any progress made in the Open Beta will be carried over to the game upon launch day.

The Open Beta includes plenty of events, such as Sea Monsters, Ghost Ships, and even Elite Warships to jump aboard. You’ll have access to all the regions in the game, and the opportunity to earn up to five beta exclusive rewards.

Skull and Bones Open Beta: An image of the Skull and Bones Open Beta roadmap.

That’s all the key info you need on Skull and Bones ahead of its long-awaited release date. Could it be one of the best PS5 games and best Xbox games of the year? Let’s hope so, me hearties.