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Skull and Bones character creation – does it have it?

Ubisoft's swashbuckling action RPG is on the way, but will you be sailing perilous waters as yourself? Does Skull and Bones have character creation options?

Skull and Bones character creation: an image of a pirate outcast from the game's reveal trailer

Oh, you thought Ubisoft perfected pirate games with Assassin’s Creed VI Black Flag? Well, wait until you see what Skull and Bones has to offer. This game is going to be every swashbuckler’s dream, offering players intense ship-to-ship combat where there’s booty aplenty and rich pirate dens for players to explore. One thing players want to know, though, after a new look at Skull and Bones’ gameplay is whether there’s character creation in Skull and Bones. And, if so, to what extent can you customise your pirate captain?

In Skull and Bones, which is set during the back end of the 17th century, players are going to start out as a young oucast – a wannabe pirate seduced by tales of legendary heists and untold riches. With quest-giving vendors, more than enough open sea to explore, and the promise of exciting PvP content, it seems like character creation in Skull and Bones is a given.

However, in this day and age, you can never be too sure. So, we’re going to run through everything we know about this feature and what you can expect when you jump onto the deck of your own ship on the Skull and Bones release date.

Skull and Bones character creation

All you budding pirate legends out there will be pleased to know that Skull and Bones will have character creation to some extent. At the moment, there isn’t a lot of information available as to the extent of what this character creation will be, but we’ve seen several playable pirates with different appearances in the latest Skull and Bones gameplay footage.

So, although we don’t have confirmation of the details, we expect players can look forward to the following customisation options:

  • Gender / Sex / Body type
  • Hair style / Colour
  • Skin colour
  • Facial appearance

We know this isn’t a very in-depth list right now, but Ubisoft hasn’t touched too much on the character creation options available in Skull and Bones just yet. You’ll be pleased to know that you will be able to customise your pirate captain’s apparel with a wide array of clothing items also available. These include hats, masks, jackets, necklaces, boots, and more.

Well, that’s everything we know about character creation in Skull and Bones right now – expect to see more closer to launch. If you’re looking forward to this game, here’s everything you need to know about Skull and Bones crossplay and whether Skull and Bones will be free to play here.