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Will Skull and Bones be free to play?

If you’re wondering if you can go on a pirate adventure with your friends without paying, here’s if Skull and Bones is free to play.

Skull and Bones free to play: Pirate from Skull and Bones trailer in front of a Skull and Bones background

After years and years of waiting, and somewhat anticipation, Ubisoft’s elusive Skull and Bones game is finally set to release sometime soon. However, for those who are rightfully anxious about whether the game will be good or not, you may be wondering if Skull and Bones will be free to play.

The Skull and Bones release date is sailing up over the horizon, despite many of us believing the game may have sunk in the Bermuda Triangle. There’s even a Skull and Bones beta prior to launch, but if you’re wondering whether it’ll be on the best PS5 games and best Xbox games lists, here’s whether you can become a pirate captain without paying a premium.

Will Skull and Bones be free to play?

Skull and Bones is not a free to play game, and as such, you’ll need to purchase the game digitally or physically to access it. The game will be $69.99/£64.99 for the standard edition of the game when it releases.

The fact that Skull and Bones is not a free to play game may be equally shocking and unsurprising to you. Ubisoft has been developing the game for over 10 years, with the title originally being a spin-off of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, so Ubisoft will definitely want to make some money back on the title.

However, considering the game has a focus on multiplayer and cosmetics, it seems ripe to be a free to play live-service title, and it would be quite a unique one at that. Instead of taking part in some of the best battle royale games, you could be sailing the seven seas for free. But alas, the game isn’t going to be free.

That being said, there’s always a chance that due to poor sales or lack of interest, the game could pivot to a free to play model. There’s been quite a few games that have moved from a premium experience to a free to play one over the years, most famously Overwatch with the release of Overwatch 2.

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But for now, Skull and Bones is not a free to play title, unfortunately. But thankfully, Skull and Bones crossplay means you don’t need to worry about which platform your friends are on. However, you can prepare for your pirating journey by checking out the Skull and Bones character creation options.