Will Skull and Bones be free to play?

Will Skull and Bones be free to play? Here is everything we know about the release plan for Ubisoft's upcoming multiplayer game on PC and consoles

Skull and Bones Free To Play: Multiple ship scan be seen fighting across an island

Questions about if Skull and Bones will be free to play have been thrown around ever since the game reappeared earlier this year with a new logo and art. And, with the game having been delayed multiple times, questions remain about Ubisoft’s launch plans for the multiplayer game.

Skull and Bones will predominantly be a multiplayer-focused experience, filled with loot and customisation options. As such, this would mean a free-to-play launch would make sense, so Ubisoft could get as many players through the door as possible. Paired with the fact that Ubisoft is pivoting towards more free-to-play games, Skull and Bones seems like a perfect first candidate for that plan.

So, will Skull and Bones be free to play? This article will cover everything you need to know about Ubisoft’s release plans for the game.

Will Skull and Bones be free to play?

Skull and Bones is not a free-to-play game. Instead you will have to buy it digitally or on a disc for a price.

Of course, if the game’s launch underperforms, Ubisoft could end up making the game free to play in the months after. But as this isn’t the initial plan, hopefully, enough people will gravitate towards the game to ensure it has a healthy player base.

For more on Skull and Bones, be sure to stay tuned for more news and announcements ahead of the Skull and Bones release date.