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Apex Legends Season 20 release date and latest news

Stay up to date with all the latest news on the Apex Season 20 release date, as well as the changes and new additions to the battle royale game.

Apex Legends Season 20 release date: Valkyrie hovering with her jetpack and firing rockets. In the background is a blurred image of a grassy environment and a calendar icon on the left side, tucked behind the character.

When is the Apex Legends Season 20 release date? Arriving just after the game’s fifth anniversary, and promising some in, Apex Legends Season 20 can hopefully build on this momentum further. So, here’s all the latest information ahead of the Apex Season 20 release date.

Apex Legends‘ previous season was a bit of a mixed bag – it’s main flashpoint, the crossover event with Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, delivered lots of fresh content but drew plenty of criticism too. Season 20 will look to up the ante and wow player once again and prove why it’s one of the best battle royale games and best FPS games out there right now. But what can players expect? Here’s everything we know about Apex Season 20 so far.

Apex Legends Season 20 release date

The Apex Legends Season 20 release date is Tuesday, February 13, 2024, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 5 PM GMT, based on the in-game battle pass timer for the current Season, Ignite.

This continues the tradition of Apex Seasons lasting around three months.

Apex Season 20 will also be a special one, as it drops a few days after the game’s five-year anniversary. Yes, it’s really been half a decade since Respawn released Apex out of nowhere. How time flies.

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Apex Legends Season 20 latest news

Respawn is yet to official reveal any of the upcoming changes or new content in Apex Season 20. However, we do know that “some of its biggest changes yet” are coming in Season 20, alongside “new modes”. That’s according to Game Informer, who have seen elements of the new season already after a visit to Respawn’s studio.

Strangely for Apex, there haven’t even been that many leaks to report either. The only notable thing that’s been claimed by leakers is a change to the armor system. According to ‘Osvaldatore’ on Twitter, armor is being removed from the ground loot pool, and armor swapping from deathboxes is being made less powerful. Armor perks are also reportedly being added.

Outside of that though, players are fairly in the dark. There’s a good chance we’ll get an anniversary collection event, given Season 20’s proximity to its fifth anniversary. Plus, there will be the usual tweaks to Apex Legends ranked, a new or reworked legend, loot rotations, and, of course a brand-new battle pass to grind through.

If we’re lucky, we could even see a new weapon coming in Apex Legends Season 20, as the last addition was the Nemesis Burst AR all the way back in Season 16. While weapon reworks and balance changes are nice, and certainly necessary for the overall health of the game, it doesn’t quite compare to a brand-new gun. These can drastically shake up the meta, almost to the same extent that new characters impact the Apex Legends tier list.

In a similar vein, brand new maps have been added to Apex every four or five seasons, and Respawn hasn’t released an all-new map since Broken Moon in Season 15. If it’s sticking to the usual cadence, we’re due a fresh location, although there is still plenty of scope to rework one of the game’s existing five battle royale maps.

There have been a handful of Apex Legends Season 20 leaks that suggest which event and battle pass skins we can expect to see.

Currently, leaks point towards the following Apex Season 20 Battle Pass skins:

  • Bangalore – Legendary
  • Valkyrie – Legendary
  • Lifeline – Legendary
  • Rampart – Legendary
  • Ash – Epic
  • Crypto – Epic
  • Fuse – Epic
  • R-99 – Epic
  • Prowler – Epic

If these leaks turn out to be true, then this would mean that Rampart is getting two skins back to back, which is obviously great news for Rampart fans. On the other hand, Catalyst is one of the most popular heroes and yet has only received two Legendary skins over the past year, not including a recolor. So, we can only hope that a new Catalyst skin is on the way in Apex Season 20 to balance the scales.

As for the Apex Legends Season 20 event skins, leaks suggest that we’ll be getting the following skins:

  • Newcastle – Legendary
  • Vantage – Legendary
  • Wraith – Legendary
  • Newcastle – Epic
  • Vantage – Epic
  • Valkyrie – Epic
  • Mirage – Epic
  • Nemesis – Epic
  • Triple-Take – Epic
  • Peacekeeper – Epic
  • Bocek – Epic
  • Pathfinder – Rare

Again, it’s a hard time for Catalyst mains that seemingly won’t be getting any love during S20. However, Newcastle and Vantage players in particular should have a lot to look forward to, with two new skins potentially coming in an event.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about the upcoming update ahead of the Apex Legends Season 20 release date. In the meantime, read up on how the Final Fantasy event and Apex Legends Post Malone skins could be the start of a Fortnite-esque trend in what is arguably one of the best games on the market today. Otherwise, you could take a break and play all the new PS5 games and new Xbox games coming out before the new Season arrives.