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Even without discs, Alan Wake 2 sales breeze past 1 million

Getting trapped in the Dark Place isn’t keeping our favorite author down, as Alan Wake 2 shifts over 1 million copies according to Remedy.

Alan Wake 2 sales 1 million: An image of Alan Wake in Alan Wake 2.

Before Herald of Darkness took over our Spotify playlists, it seemed like Alan Wake 2 might not happen. Remedy Entertainment continued to chip away at it, though, and now, the wait has paid off – literally. According to a new report about the acclaimed PlayStation and Xbox survival game, Alan Wake 2 sales have crossed the 1 million mark.

Speaking about one of the best horror games of last year, and arguably the decade, Remedy confirms in a recent statement that Alan Wake 2 has “sold 1 million units by the end of December 2023, and 1.3 million units as of the beginning of February 2024.” Backed up by a wealth of sturdy review scores, the statement cements Alan Wake 2 as “Remedy’s fastest selling game so far.” Comparatively, the relatively new PS5 game is already setting new milestones when it comes to speed of sales, as it has “sold over 50% more copies and over three times more digital copies in its first two months than Control did in its first four months.”

Control, which was released in 2019, marks a different collaboration for Remedy as it was published by 505 Games. Alan Wake 2 instead was published by Epic Games, ensuring a solid push upon launch on the Epic Games Store alongside Xbox and PlayStation consoles. At the time of writing, Remedy says that Control has sold a total of 4 million copies, and it is possible Alan Wake 2 could do the same. Like Control, Alan Wake 2 is set to receive DLC expansions for the game’s narrative.

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Both expansions will be paid additions, and the post-launch roadmap is set to begin with the Night Springs DLC later this year. While Remedy is yet to shine a torch on the DLC’s plot, the biggest link is to the in-game TV show of the same name. It sounds like we’ll be placed directly into episodes of Night Spring’s latest season, which is teased through advertisements around the Dark Place. This may mean we aren’t necessarily playing as Alan Wake or Saga Anderson, too.

Beyond that, players can also expect Alan Wake 2’s links to Control to expand with The Lake House DLC. This expansion is teased briefly in the game’s narrative, as FBC Agent Kiran Estevez confirms the presence of other operatives in Bright Falls – though it sounds like things went wrong fast. For a digital-only release, Alan Wake 2’s sales are impressive, and we wonder how well it would have fared with a physical release too.

The franchise’s popularity is expanding, with crossovers with games like Dead by Daylight bringing new fans into Wake’s world. However, what we really want to know is exactly what Remedy’s FBC: Firebreak game is.