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Cyberpunk meets RDR2 in brand new rootin’ tootin’ skin in The Finals

Saddle up PS5 and Xbox players, this new The Finals skin is perfect if you want an epic futuristic twist on Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Finals Neon Nightslinger skin: an image of the neon nightslinger in the finals.

Embark Studios is rolling a fresh The Finals update to PS5 and Xbox players, and it comes with a real treat – that’s if you love all things cowboy as much as we do. The increasingly popular first-person shooter continues to debut some of the best cosmetics in gaming right now, and this new The Finals skin is an essential purchase for fans of Red Dead Redemption 2 especially.

It’s a smaller update this time around for one of the best FPS games out there, as Embark Studios delivers a PS5 and Xbox patch dedicated to fixing more minor issues in The Finals. Alongside the arrival of the new Neon Nightslinger skin bundle, the studio clarifies that “bug and crash fixes […] [and] security upgrades” are addressed in the update. However, we’re taken aback by how damn cool this new skin bundle is.

Although the all gun-metal gray player model is a little creepy, the vibrant twist on a rootin’ tootin’ gunslinger doesn’t feel out of place in the chaotic multiplayer game. That’s because the Neon Nightslinger is an excellent mesh of the game’s dazzling Las Vegas map, bringing together the glam of the Las Vegas strip and The Finals’ sportsmanship in another interesting bundle. We do wish that it came with a new weapon skin for R.357 Revolver, though.

However, we recommend equipping the High Noon skin, pending you’ve got some spare Multibucks to purchase it. It seems like a missed opportunity for another Revolver cosmetic, but if you prefer to use the Model 1887 for a touch of cowboy chaos, then you’re in luck. Players can equip neon-drenched versions of The Finals weapons such as the Flamethrower and LH-1 rifle too.

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So, if you’ve ever fancied running around like a sporty John Marston or Arthur Morgan, be quick to the draw and get hold of this bundle before it goes out of the shop.

The fun continues beyond this now-live bundle, too. The Finals Season 2 is fast approaching, and we might already have an inkling of what to expect. From missing vehicles (yes, vehicles) to awesome looking cosmetics, Season 2 could be a landmark moment for one of the best PS5 games and best Xbox games available.