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Kingmakers dev teases how medieval RTS shooter could get even wilder

Kingmakers already looks absolutely chaotic in the best way possible, and more mayhem could manifest on the battlefield in the RTS shooter.

Kingmakers enemy types: An image of a Knight in Kingmakers.

The age of bonkers co-op games is upon us, with breakout hits such as Helldivers 2 paving the way for multiplayer madness. Kingmakers is another promising title looking to carve out its own space in the genre, and somehow, the already wild-looking RTS shooter hybrid is potentially getting even nuttier. Speaking on the future of the game beyond launch, EQGames co-founder Ian Fisch teases some new enemy types.

Responding to questions about the game on social media, Fisch addressed whether the upcoming co-op game will have an increased enemy variety. “We definitely want to explore all those options. Lots of sci-fi ways to introduce things like giants and dragons…eventually,” says Fisch. If you haven’t watched the game’s awesome trailer, essentially the game features human enemies at present, albeit with an excellent twist.

If you’ve thought that Chivalry 2, one of the best multiplayer games around, would be better with attack helicopters and modern-day weapons then this game is probably for you. Kingmakers throws you back into medieval action, in a bid to save the future. Of course, you’ll be fighting knights, archers, and kings but what about more mythical enemies? While dragons and giants are on Fisch’s mind, the game’s growing fanbase has ideas to consider.

Kingmakers enemy types: An image of Kingmakers social media.

Others on social media, like ‘BalmoraBard’, are pitching in their suggestions for Fisch to consider too. “Imagine you’re fighting some punk ass peasants and their shamans summon a T.rex and now you have to fight that [too],” they suggest. There certainly is an opportunity to introduce more magical elements, perhaps even Arthurian elements like the greatest sorcerer of them all: Merlin.

Aside from the Evil Dead Game, Kingmakers exudes massive Army of Darkness vibes. That’s why more absurd enemies like possessed skeletons and the undead would be wicked to see. It isn’t exactly out of the realm of possibility given that the game isn’t targetting realism in its premise. What really has us excited, though, is Kingmakers potentially arriving on Xbox and PS5.

Kingmakers could be another new PS5 game or new Xbox game with the same appeal as Helldivers 2, and the genre-mashing premise hasn’t gone amiss with players. In response to players claiming it looks similar, Fisch jokers the game could be titled “Helldivers 1415AD.”

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While we wait to see more from Kingmakers, you can, of course, play the best PS5 game around right now. Although Helldivers 2 is experiencing server issues due to how immensely popular it is, it isn’t stopping Arrowhead Game Studios from conjuring up some exciting plans for the future.