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Arrowhead CEO’s dream game sounds like Helldivers 2 meets Rainbow Six

If you want a hardcore Helldivers 2 action with amped-up realism, then Arrowhead CEO’s dream game could be your dream game too.

Helldivers 2 lead's dream game Helldivers meets Rainbow Six: A Helldiver holding a rocket launcher to their side, looking towards the camera.

With the roaring success of Helldivers 2 smashing expectations, this bug-slaying, liberty-loving romp is the dream game for many PS5 players. It’s fast, remarkably intense, and oh-so epic when you charge at a horde with a walking barrage covering you. However, Arrowhead Game Studios CEO Johan Pilestedt has revealed his dream game – and it sounds like Helldivers 2 had a baby with the Rainbow Six series.

In the wake of PS5-exclusive Helldivers 2’s remarkably popular launch, Pilestedt has revealed that one of his dream game ideas is “to make a squad-based game similar to [Helldivers 2] but [with] ultra-detailed mechanics, gunplay and resource management”. If you’ve played Helldivers 2, especially solo, then you’ll already know how intense it can be due to your limited supplies and emphasis on squad play, so taking this one step further is an exciting prospect.

As for what these ‘ultra-detailed mechanics’ are exactly, this is likely in reference to tighter, more realistic gunplay. Pilestedt’s remarks were in response to a comment about a tight and claustrophobic shooter, and how to best capture accurate weapon muzzle flash. Given the emphasis on detail and realism in a squad-based setting, this potential multiplayer game sure sounds a lot like the iconic Rainbow Six series or the recent Ready or Not mixed with Helldivers 2. With no comment on a specific setting, it’s unclear whether it would be similarly hammed-up sci-fi or take a much heavier tone in a more grounded setting.

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Seeing players teaming up with tandem rocket launchers or executing grand strategies in the name of Super Earth in the unique, ever-evolving Helldivers 2 story, Arrowhead has demonstrated its skills in designing captivating experiences. Helldivers 2 has quickly become one of the best co-op games on PS5 and we can’t stop playing. The opportunity to expand on this not only in free Helldivers 2 updates in the future but also potentially in a brand-new game could see another of Arrowhead’s titles among the best games on the market.

Nevertheless, there’s no guarantee that we’ll get to see this promising idea realized – at least not anytime soon. Don’t fret though, Helldiver, we’ve got plenty to do in the new PS5 game. The bugs and bots never rest, and this Helldivers 2 TikTok account is tracking our galactic battles in real time to memorialize the absurd events.