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Kingmakers’ medieval chaos to reign supreme on Xbox and PS5

Kingmakers looks too chaotic to be true, and the Chivalry-style RTS shooter game will “definitely” bring its mayhem to Xbox, and likely PS5 too.

Kingmakers PS5 Xbox version: An image of man with a gun on a horse in Kingmakers.

Some Xbox and PS5 games are so wild you need to see them to believe them, and Kingmakers could soon be at the top of that list. Coming from EQGames, the first trailer for the chaotic ‘Chivalry 2 with attack helicopters’ game is a feast for the eyes. While it’s initially releasing for PC players on Steam later this year, an Xbox release is “definitely” in the works – and it sounds like PS5 too.

Many of the best PS5 games and best Xbox games are the ones that take you by surprise. Helldivers 2 and Palworld are shining examples of this right now, and Kingmakers could be next. According to EQGames co-founder Ian Fisch, the studio is already working on bringing the game to other platforms. He says that it’ll “definitely be on [Xbox] Series S and X.” It could be a major win for Xbox players, especially if it comes to Xbox Game Pass, and seems to be a goal for the future.

Fisch explains that it is “not up to me, but I love [Xbox] Game Pass, so I hope so”, amid several social media responses about the potential new Xbox game. Don’t worry if you’re a PlayStation player, though. Fisch suggests work is underway on a PS5 version of the game, explaining that “our last game Road Redemption was on consoles, though we didn’t handle the ports ourselves and weren’t 100% happy with how they turned out.”

Kingmakers Xbox PS5: An image of Ian Fisch on social media talking about Kingmakers on Xbox and PS5.

However, Kingmakers should be a different story for EQGames: “Kingmakers is already running on dev machines here that are less powerful than Series S|X and PS5.” While the studio is yet to officially confirm these iterations of Kingmakers, Fisch still teases them a step further by revealing PlayStation focused controller inputs for the game. “I’ve been told I’m not allowed to say [it is] definitely certain, but I can say L2 = ADS, L1 = shield,” Fisch jokes on social media.

If EQGames can pull off Kingmakers’ promising premise, it could easily be one of the best multiplayer games of the year, if not beyond. To refresh your memory, Kingmakers sends you back to medieval times, tasking you with commanding the battlefield, building a kingdom and leading an army in solo or co-op. Oh, and you’ve got attack helicopters, modern day guns, and more to wreak havoc with. It has us thinking of Army of Darkness, the best Evil Dead movie (yes), and like you, we can’t wait to play it.

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But until then, Kingmakers isn’t the only game making a potential leap to other platforms. Xbox exclusives are going to Nintendo Switch, and one of them is out right now.