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You only have a few days to get this epic free Overwatch 2 skin

Free Overwatch 2 skins are few and far between, but this epic OW2 skin is available right now if you head to Prime Gaming as soon as possible.

There are so many heroes to keep track of in Overwatch 2, let alone keep outfitted with the latest and greatest outfits available. As we all know, equipping your favorite characters isn’t cheap, even if you’re grinding away at the latest Overwatch 2 battle pass. Luckily for you, we’re pointing toward a free Overwatch 2 skin that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Before diving into a match in one of the best multiplayer games on PS5 and Xbox, we recommend making sure you’ve linked up your Amazon Prime account with Prime Gaming. That’s because you can reap the latest Overwatch 2 rewards, completely free of charge. This month’s Prime Gaming bundle for Overwatch 2 gifts players an Epic tier skin for Moira, as part of the Rosewood Moira Epic Skin pack.

One of the more unique additions to the Overwatch 2 skin library, this Moira aesthetic has somewhat of a medieval fantasy look that we’re digging – and you will too. The skin is available to claim right now, but the bad news is that time is running out pretty quickly to get hold of it. The new Overwatch 2 Prime Gaming pack is only available until Thursday, February 15, 2024, giving you less than two weeks to get yourself a freebie.

Overwatch 2 free skins: An image of the Rosewood Epic Moira Prime Gaming skin for Overwatch 2.

Now, you might be disappointed that other Overwatch 2 heroes aren’t their dues through Prime Gaming. However, we see this as an opportunity to switch your playstyle, at least for a little bit anyway. Moira is easily one of the best heroes in the game, with a very efficient mix of healing and damage, if you can master her abilities.

Draining the lives of enemies is always a fun challenge, especially when you combine it with her traversal ability to evade incoming fire. We love healers like Mercy and Lúcio, but if you’re trying your hand at supporting your teammates with health buffs, then Moira is far easier to get to grips with first in one of the best FPS games out there.

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It is a great time to bulk your Overwatch 2 skins too, as Season 9: Champions is almost here. The new seasonal update begins on Tuesday, February 13, 2024. However, you can get an early glimpse above soon, as well as check out new leaks, before then.