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FF14 will cost you twice as much on Xbox as it does on PS5

With a surprising difference from its PS5 counterpart, Final Fantasy 14’s Game Pass requirement makes the MMO more expensive for some Xbox players.

Final Fantasy 14 Xbox more expensive PS5: Alphinaud posing with one hand raised to his chin. On the left is an Xbox logo with a dollar tag, and on the right is a PlayStation logo.

In a remarkable, decade-long redemption story, Final Fantasy 14 is now one of the most popular online console games out there, and now Xbox players’ long wait to get involved is nearly over. However, there is one key thing Xbox gamers need to be aware of that PS5 players have never had to worry about – the FF14 Xbox version will require a Game Pass subscription to play it.

Revealed in an official blog covering the FF14 Xbox beta, “the full [Final Fantasy 14] Xbox Series X|S version will require an Xbox Game Pass (Core or Ultimate) plan to play”. On the other hand, the PS5 version does not require players to have an active PS Plus subscription to enjoy the multiplayer game.

In other words, on top of the $12.99/£7.69 FF14 subscription cost for the full game (for an Entry tier 30-day sub), Xbox players will also have to fork out for Xbox Game Pass Core at the very least, adding $9.99/£6.99 to the monthly cost of one of the best games. That works out to $22.98/£14.68 on Xbox compared to just $12.99/£7.69 on PlayStation. Of course, many existing Xbox players will already be subbed to Game Pass Core for online play or Game Pass Ultimate for its library of games, but it’s not everyone.

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Given the need for PS Plus was waived for the PlayStation release of the MMO (likely due to it clashing with the game’s subscription model), it’s certainly surprising that this isn’t the case on Xbox.

Thankfully, the FF14 free trial, including the open beta, does not require a Game Pass subscription. This means those looking to dip their toes into one of the best MMOs can do so for free, even on Xbox, until they’re ready to experience the full game.

As for the FF14 Xbox open beta, scheduled to begin on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, at around 12:00 am PST, this is only available to new players. That’s right, players who already have FF14 accounts on other platforms (whether the free trial or full game) will have to “wait until the full Xbox launch after the open beta test concludes.” The good news is that cross-save will allow players to transfer progress between platforms with ease by signing in with their Square Enix account.

While it’s undoubtedly great news that this long-time PS5 exclusive is finally making the move to Xbox, this is a surprising difference. Speaking of exclusives, new reports suggest that Xbox’s biggest exclusives will be heading to PS5 very soon. On the other hand, Call of Duty on Game Pass now looks unlikely.