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FF7 Rebirth gameplay on PS5 actually gives big Nintendo DS vibes

Taking full advantage of every inch of the PS5 DualSense controller, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth could feel oddly similar to a Nintendo DS game at times.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth gameplay PS5 DualSense: Tifa cracking her knuckles. On the left is a colorful PlayStation logo and on the right is a white DualSense controller.

Debuting as the second-best-reviewed entry in the iconic franchise, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is already a roaring success on PS5. Bringing its beloved characters and story to life like never before, the PS5 exclusive is already being tipped as a GOTY frontrunner. Alongside leveraging the system’s raw power, FF7 Rebirth takes full advantage of the high-tech DualSense controller for even more immersion, especially in its minigames – even taking a note from the Nintendo DS playbook.

In an official PlayStation blog discussing how Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth harnesses the power of the PS5, the developer explains that it’s utilizing the full suite of DualSense features: “In addition to haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, you can also experience a wide range of features, such as the motion sensor, built-in microphone, and touchpad.” Its intention is for “everything conveyed through the graphics [to also be] directly synchronized with the controller”.

Final Fantasy 7 reviews are piling on praise for the PS5 exclusive’s combat and story, and its average review score is surpassing many of the best RPG games ever. But don’t let the smaller details, such as its immersive use of the DualSense controller, pass you by.

When it comes to FF7 Rebirth’s many minigames in particular, there is undeniably a lot of potential. “Because there are many minigames for this title, we plan to utilize the DualSense function for each minigame”, the blog reads. Likely bringing the mic, motion controls, and the touchpad into the mix for the joy-fueled fun suggests these minigames will feel oddly similar to the Nintendo DS’ most unique titles. Do you remember having to blow into the microphone to inflate balloons in MarioKart DS? How about the flute in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks? What about the various ways the inventive touch-screen was used to great effect in many more games?

Though you shouldn’t expect such an extreme implementation, it’s evident that the developer is looking to eek everything it can from the console. From the high-speed SSD being “incredibly helpful in loading assets” through to the raw power which helps to create a “beautiful, diverse, and expansive world”, FF7 Rebirth is a PS5 game first and foremost. In fact, the new PS5 game “utilizes so much of the PS5’s specs that it could not be realized without it” according to the developer.

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Highlighting several of these features in the dedicated FF7 Rebirth immersion trailer, including 3D audio, there’s no better time to pick up the best PS5 controller and best PS5 headset. We especially can’t wait to trundle across the rocky plains in an eight-wheeler and feel every bump, or get a satisfying rumble from landing huge melee attacks in combat.

Unfortunately, there’s just a little bit more waiting to go for one of the best PS5 games and best PS5 RPG games, though you can still jump back into the fantastic FF7 Rebirth demo, which just got a massive update too. Otherwise, check out the chaotic Kingmakers coming to PS5 and Xbox or how newly revealed BG3 mod support on console will shake up last year’s standout RPG.