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FF7 Rebirth to deliver a mountain of minigames to PS5 players

From chocobo racing to the brand-new Queen’s Blood card game, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is shaping up to be a PS5 exclusive for the ages.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth minigames Queen's Blood: Cloud looking towards the camera with a PlayStation logo to his left. In the background are blurred images of minigames from FF7 Rebirth.

Hopes were already high for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth following the incredible FF7 Remake, but the recent State of Play deep dive has blown us away all over again. While we’re excited to experience the epic story though, it’s the amount of FF7 Rebirth minigames and side activities that have caught our attention. From chocobo racing and playing piano to cats, to a brand-new card game to rival The Witcher 3’s Gwent, this huge PS5 adventure has it all.

Revealed during the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth State of Play showcase, there are lots of different side activities and minigames in the PS5 exclusive – both brand-new and returning from the beloved 1997 original. With all these exciting activities and the epic main story, FF7 Rebirth could very well become one of the best RPG games on PS5.

Our highlight is the addition of Queen’s Blood, a completely new card game. Throughout your journey, you can collect various cards and build up your own unique deck to take to the table in a quick yet deep minigame. Each card has special moves and affects different tiles on the board to give you a total score for each row. In many ways, it’s Final Fantasy’s take on the iconic Gwent from The Witcher 3.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth minigames Queen's Blood: Gameplay of the Queen's Blood card game showing the board with various card abilities.

Queen’s Blood looks like the perfect way to spend some downtime, kicking back to relax after a long day of pursuing Sephiroth. “No matter where you are in the story, Queen’s Blood is sure to both challenge and entertain you”, the showcase explains, suggesting that you can dive into Queen’s Blood for a lighthearted challenge whenever you fancy.

Although this wild new card game is exciting, there’s plenty more in store. The Gold Saucer returns, looking more stunning than ever, and with it comes even more minigames: racing chocobos and motorbikes, stepping into the ring in a classic arcade fighting game, drill performances, soccer, and even dolphin racing are on the table. These aren’t throwaway minigames either. Each minigame has unique, fleshed-out mechanics that make it worthy of your time.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth minigames Queen's Blood: A low-poly version of Cloud fighting a Fat Moogle in an arcade fighting minigame.

You can expect a similarly staggering array of side content. World Intel missions see you assisting Chadley with research for new Materia, sending you out into this stunning open-world game to complete short tasks, ranging from playing with Moogles to taking down fearsome, unique bosses. You can also hunt for Proto Relics for Chadley, which involves extensive quests with “a colorful cast of characters, exciting new minigames, and ferocious creatures”. If you’re up for the challenge and recover all the Proto Relics, “there’s no telling what new developments might be in store”.

Lastly, Odd Jobs are more akin to your traditional side quests, immersing you in the world and letting you learn about its inhabitants. FF7 Rebirth keeps things exciting, however, as these quests look to boast similarly creative objectives. For example, we see Tifa turn into a frog to take part in an obstacle course one moment and in the next she’s playing a rhythm game to entertain cats.

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Like music to our ears, “you can always go back to tie up loose ends” as story progression does not gate side content. So, if you want to race through the main story to experience what is likely to become one of the best PS5 games, then you can rest easy that you won’t be missing out on side content.

With all of this side content on top of what will no doubt be a lengthy, action-packed main story, we can certainly see FF7 being well over 60 hours in length for those wanting to complete all it has to offer.

While the list of new PS5 games is remarkably stacked, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is certainly stealing the show right now. That’s not all PS5 players have to look forward to though, as new rumors suggest these epic Xbox exclusives are coming to PS5, with head of Xbox Phil Spencer finally breaking his silence on the topic. With this exciting news floating around, find out why Halo Infinite on PS5 is just what the Xbox-exclusive FPS needs right now.