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Payday 3 offline mode is finally coming to PS5 and Xbox, with a catch

Four months after Payday 3 launched on Xbox and PlayStation, work on a Payday 3 offline mode is finally underway but it might be too late.

Payday 3 offline mode: An image of a robber in Payday 3

Payday 3 continues to navigate a tricky path since it launched last September. Plagued by heaps of bugs both within and after early access, one aspect has been picked apart by PS5 and Xbox players: Payday 3 offline mode needs to happen. Now, a new financial report sheds light on Starbreeze Studios’ plans to inject new life into the heist game, including this long-awaited feature.

Speaking on the future of Payday 3 and revitalizing the co-op game‘s reputation, CEO Tobias Sjögren explains in the studio’s latest financial report that its “biggest focus and absolute priority […] are the efforts needed to ensure that the game lives up to expectations.” In a combined effort with publisher Plaion, Starbreeze says “it is clear to us that the community wants the ability to play Payday 3 reliably and on your own terms.”

These fresh steps forward for the FPS game begin with “developing a stand-alone solo mode you can get into without going through the matchmaking flow. This will be a local game [mode] […] thereby circumventing the need to connect to a server.” However, despite good intentions to bring this mode to PS5 and Xbox players, it appears that it won’t function how you’d expect it to.

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Payday 3 offline mode will allow players to divert away from traditional matchmaking, but you’ll still need an internet connection for player progression. So essentially, this first version sounds like the ability to play in private lobbies on your own with AI companions. A truly dedicated offline mode will arrive for the game but with only some internet features required. Additionally, plans to bring the game to Unreal Engine 5 are parked for now while Starbreeze fixes the core game.

Despite a disappointing launch, Starbreeze remains confident it can put Payday 3 back in the good graces of players, even though sales are “significantly lower levels than we would like.” While Payday 3 has suffered from its fair share of issues, there’s still much to love in the often action-packed multiplayer game. The Loadout found plenty to praise in our Payday 3 review, citing its satisfying progression and slick gunplay as a reason to get your friends together for a heist or two.

You can have an impact on Payday 3’s path forward, by adding your requests for much-needed features here. If you are still heading back in for a few matches, then you can check out the game’s latest DLC update along the way.