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The FF7 Rebirth demo needs to include Junon’s most important character

Move over Cait Sith, sorry Red XIII, but it’s time for Mr. Dolphin to get his moment in the spotlight in the FF7 Rebirth demo on PS5.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo Mr. Dolphin: A beautiful blue dolphin

On February 21, the recently released Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo is set to get a major update. Soon, PS5 players can travel to a “more compact” version of Junon – the game’s second-largest city. And from scouring the footage of Rebirth’s recent State of Play, we reckon Mr. Dolphin will finally make his grand entry before the full release date arrives.

First appearing in the original Final Fantasy 7, Mr. Dolphin was a crucial cog in Cloud and company’s progression from the fishing villages of lower Junon to the upper city. After helping out Priscilla in the CPR minigame, she gives you a whistle that can summon the majestic mammal to toss you up and away to the best RPG game’s next area.

Mr. Dolphin was most recently spotted in the final Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth trailer that aired during the recent State of Play deep dive. Not only is he back with Priscilla, but it looks like he’s even getting his own dedicated FF7 Rebirth minigame that revolves around some sort of aquatic assault course.

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But will we see him during the demo? Well, seeing as it takes place in lower Junon there’s already a very good chance, though Mr. Dolphin looks to appear towards the back end of that section. As such, we might not get far enough in to meet him. However, Square promises that we’ll be able to enjoy “new forms of exploration” during the second part of the FF7R demo. And what better way to get around is there than by riding an adorable dolphin?

The big one for us is whether or not we’ll be able to sample the joy of dolphin drifting in one of Rebirth’s exciting new minigames. It’s great to see that Square isn’t just relying on the original suite from the classic FF7, and what better way to get a taste of everything to come when it comes to the game’s more recreational activities than including it in the demo? We can’t think of one.

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