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PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade is more like Stardew Valley than you think

Alongside open-world and linear exploration, Stellar Blade brings a dash of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing to the PS5 exclusive with fishing.

Stellar Blade fishing minigame: Eve looking towards the camera wish a fishing rod icon to the right.

Stellar Blade is one of the most exciting PS5 exclusives on the horizon, treating us to incredible visuals, fast-paced combat, and promising exploration. In a new deep dive into the world of Zion, it’s been revealed that players can take a break from slaying with a Stellar Blade fishing minigame.

“The beginning of [Stellar Blade] has a linear structure, but it still allows for a wide range of exploration” explains game director Kim Hyung-tae. However, once you get to the main city of Zion, “it becomes a semi-open world”. And after that, the PS5 exclusive will take you to another more linear location, offering up a (hopefully) engaging mix of linear and open-world areas to explore to make it worthy of the best PS5 games.

Thankfully, taking you from the heights of the best open-world games to more linear segments will be a “seamless and smooth experience without any interruptions”, Kim claims. This suggests that, despite the stunning graphics and ambitious open-world areas, there won’t be loading screens – or that they will be kept to a minimum. Given the power of the PS5 and its ability to pull off Rachet & Clank: A Rift Apart’s seamless universe-hopping adventure, it’s certainly within reach. After all, Kim recently claimed PS5 is a “dream” platform for Stellar Blade.

As for what you’ll be doing as you explore Zion, this is where it gets even more interesting. While Stellar Blade is an action game first and foremost, Kim explains that the survivors living in Zion will have quests for you, weaving in elements of the best RPG games.

“There are various quests, such as finding people, rescuing people, activating certain devices, and battling specific enemies. It also includes elements that allow you to experience daily life in Zion, such as fishing and collecting items”, technical director Lee Dong-ki adds.

Yes, that’s right. While rebuilding Zion and wasting hordes of robots and robots, you can pass the time fishing. Though we don’t yet know what fishing will offer in return, we expect that there will be a worthwhile hook. Whether it’s building a collection of fish or finding unique items under the waves, kicking back and casting a line is a surprisingly perfect addition to such a fast-paced action game.

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With the developers mentioning other elements of “daily life”, there could be even more simple side activities to engage in when you’re not hacking and slashing. Rocking up with “20 to 30” costumes for Eve, as well as outfits for Adam and Lily, you could add ‘fashion show’ to the list.

It’s safe to say that SHIFT UP’s Stellar Blade is one of the most promising new PS5 games, though it will have to pull all these features together well if it wants to become one of the best games out there. Nevertheless, PlayStation players have a lot to look forward to, especially with new rumors suggesting these epic Xbox exclusives are coming to PS5. In fact, head of Xbox Phil Spencer has broken his silence on the subject, so prepare for Xbox’s best on PS5 very soon.