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Yes, PS5 and Xbox players can suplex Post Malone in WWE 2K24

Post Malone's love for all things gaming is well known, and now you can throw him off the top of a cell in WWE 2K24 on PS5 and Xbox.

WWE 2K24 Post Malone: An image of Post Malone and The Rock.

We’ve seen plenty of unexpected appearances in WWE games before, but Post Malone joining the WWE 2K24 roster just makes sense. The acclaimed Grammy-winning artist has a well known passion for PS5 and Xbox games, and now he’s taking that fire into the ring. Oh, and you’ll get to hear some wicked tunes too.

That’s because Post Malone is handling soundtrack duties for the new PS5 game and new Xbox game. According to a fresh statement from publisher 2K Games, this collaboration confirms that Malone takes “on the role of executive soundtrack producer and assembled an eclectic collection of songs across a variety of genres including rock, country, rap, electronic music, and pop.” Of course, Malone will be providing some of his own back catalog in the game for players to vibe out to.

However, the best part about Malone’s WWE 2K24 collaboration is the fact you’ll be able to play as him. “The music megastar will also appear as a playable character in WWE 2K24, and will be available for purchase in a post-launch DLC pack,” confirms 2K Games.

WWE 2K24: An image of the WWE 2K24 soundtrack

While it’s a shame he won’t be available at launch for the upcoming fighting game, we can’t wait to see all the wild antics players get up to with him. One of the best elements about this franchise is the custom creations you can conjure up, which means some very funny match-ups are going to happen.

Post Malone fighting alongside Shrek and Paul Blart? Yes, it can totally happen and we want it. Speaking on working with 2K Games and developer Visual Concepts, Malone expresses that “the secret to a great video game soundtrack is a little something for everyone and for every mood. It gets you excited, and it gets you pumped up to play.” Describing his experience as a “total blast”, Malone teases that “we have a lot of cool ideas, so I’m super excited.”

The WWE 2K23 soundtrack was decent, but this year’s selection feels like a massive upgrade. Outside of Malone’s super catchy cut Chemical from his latest album, Austin, we’re thrilled to see bands like hardcore punk quartet Turnstile included this year.

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Will it be enough to make WWE 2K24 one of the best games this year? Maybe for some players, because a solid soundtrack can go a long way. Before you get back into the ring, here’s what you missed from the major Xbox presentation about the future of Xbox titles.