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WWE 2K23 soundtrack - the full song list

Wrestle to the rhythm with the WWE 2K23 soundtrack and song list, with some huge bands and artists within the mix, including Metallica and Post Malone.

WWE 2K23 soundtrack: The Miz in WWE 2K23

Nothing makes or breaks a sports game like a soundtrack, so you’ll want to find out the WWE 2K23 soundtrack and song list to see what hits are part of the game. Whether you prefer to chokeslam your opponents or hit them with a steel chair, you’ll want to do it to some tracks you can enjoy.

As we’re fast approaching the WWE 2K23 release date, more information and details regarding the game are coming out, including the WWE 2K23 cover star. We’re hoping to find out the WWE 2K23 ratings soon as well. But if you’re hoping just to find out what tracks are available when you start playing the game.

WWE 2K23 soundtrack and song list

Here is the WWE 2K23 soundtrack:

  • Metallica – Sad But True
  • Bizarrap & Quevedo – Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52
  • Doja Cat – Vegas
  • Luciano – SUVs
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – Can’t Stop
  • Joyner Lucas & Lil Baby Ramen & OJ
  • Bullet for My Valentine – No More Tears To Cry
  • Dei V ft. Omar Courtz – Dame Lu
  • Letdown – Shipwreck
  • IDLES – Grounds
  • Post Malone ft. Ozzy Osbourne, Travis Scott – Take What You Want

No matter your preferred genre of music, there’s plenty to love in this tracklist. From rock legends like Metallica to hip-hop/rap artists like Post Malone and Doja Cat, there’s plenty to like. Honestly, if we could sing Take What You Want all day, we probably would.

That’s the full WWE 2K23 soundtrack and song list for those looking to pick up the game when it releases. However, you may be wondering who is in the WWE 2K23 roster, so you know which of your favourite wrestlers will be playable at launch.