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GTA 6 soundtrack set to be blessed by ScHoolboy Q

Grammy-nominated rapper ScHoolboy Q teases that he’ll provide music for the streets of Vice City in GTA 6, just like fellow artist T-Pain.

GTA 6 ScHoolboy Q music: An image of Lucia in the GTA 6 trailer.

There’s one crucial element that GTA 6 needs to hit the ground running with, and that’s an amazing soundtrack. GTA Vice City is renowned for its incredible radio stations and expertly crafted playlists of 80s bangers. Now, five time Grammy nominated rapper ScHoolboy Q playfully teases he’ll be making an appearance on the GTA 6 soundtrack.

We’ve got no doubt in our minds that Rockstar Games will deliver another magnum opus with GTA 6, even if there is incredibly high pressure for it to be one of the best games ever made. But that pressure isn’t stopping Rockstar’s collaborators from spilling the beans that they’re involved with it. In response to fans clamouring for him to feature on the soundtrack for the new PS5 game and new Xbox game, ScHoolboy Q says he’ll “be on there don’t even trip.”

Rockstar Games is known for its enormous level of secrecy, so we’d advise taking the rapper’s words with some caution. After all, we’d expect him to have signed some sort of non-disclosure agreement if he was involved. However, that hasn’t stopped other artists like T-Pain revealing their ties to the game. By the time the GTA 6 release date arrives, who knows who else will let the secret slip. Either way, the GTA 6 radio stations are set to be stacked with wall-to-wall hits.

GTA 6 ScHoolBoy Q: an image of ScHoolBoy Q social media posts about the GTA 6 soundtrack.

ScHoolboy Q is no stranger to the GTA franchise. GTA 5 includes two songs featuring the rapper in the form of Collard Greens (a Kendrick Lamar collaboration) and Let’s Get It. The latter was featured in The Contract expansion for GTA Online, one of the best multiplayer games you can play on PS5 and Xbox right now. But ScHoolboy Q himself might not agree with that, as he claims on social media that Valorant is his favorite game – at least currently anyway.

He’s also an avid PC player (sorry console lovers), claiming that he has an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card in his set-up. He’ll get a nasty surprise when he realizes GTA 6 will be hitting PlayStation and Xbox first, with a PC version seemingly set to arrive later.

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The game will demand a sturdy rig too, as it sounds like GTA 6 will be very demanding performance wise for consoles. In other GTA 6 news, the GTA 6 map is shaping up to be gigantic, and you could be missing a vital story clue in the GTA 6 trailer.