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Project 007 job listing hints at feature seen in underrated Bond game

Hitman studio IO Interactive is crafting Project 007 for PS5 and Xbox, and this job listing teases how the game's combat might play.

Project 007 PS5: An image Daniel Craig's James Bond and Agent 47 from the Hitman games by IO Interactive.

If there is one game we’re itching to see footage from, it is Project 007. The upcoming James Bond game has the potential to be incredible, as it is being developed by Hitman developer IO Interactive. However, we still don’t know exactly what kind of game the untitled PS5 and Xbox adventure will be. Thanks to a job listing on IO Interactive’s website, there may be a hint as to how combat will unfold.

The job listing, which calls for a senior-level designer to join IO Interactive, notes that the ideal candidate needs to “have a passion for and demonstrate expertise in crafting levels with a keen focus on combat scenarios for third-person (or first-person) action-adventure games.” Now, this could be generalized talking points for candidates to consider, but it does feel strangely specific given that IO Interactive is primarily a third-person-focused game studio. Although, one of the best PS5 games out there, Hitman 3 offers first-person elements with scoped weaponry.

The new PS5 game could similarly depict combat to a very underrated James Bond game: Quantum of Solace. Treyarch’s movie tie-in game blended third and first-person action, allowing players to see Daniel Craig’s Bond while taking cover or during takedown animations – a feature that would later become part of Call of Duty games. It’d be interesting to see not one, but two movie-adjacent games use these camera mechanics, as Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is set to do the same.

Project 007 Combat: An image of an IO Interactive Job listing for a Senior Level Designer.

Quantum of Solace’s potent mix of the two perspectives helped emphasize the game’s explosive setpieces, with engaging recreations of scenes from both Casino Royale and the titular Bond movie sprinkled across a relatively short campaign. We had a blast back in the day playing the game’s multiplayer, and recent game modes for Modern Warfare 3 appear to take influence from it.

James Bond games have often favored a first-person perspective. Entries for the Electronic Arts era such as Agent Under Fire and Nightfire both opt for first-person action, much like one of the best FPS games ever made, Goldeneye 007. Although, we’re still disappointed about the lack of multiplayer in the recent Xbox remaster.

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IO Interactive working on a James Bond is a dream pairing, and we’re certain it’ll be worth the wait. It could even be the start of multiple new James Bond titles according to the developer, too.