New Bloodborne PS5 rumors get Souls lovers’ hearts pumping

A new source has backed up claims that a Bloodborne PS5 remake or remaster was in development, but it’s unclear if it will ever see the light of day.

PS5 Bloodborne remake remaster rumors: A feminine Hunter from Bloodborne standing holding weapons in either hand. A PlayStation logo is to the left while a white PS5 and a sad emoji are placed to the right side.

Ever since the launch of the next-generation consoles, FromSoftware fans have been clamoring for a Bloodborne PS5 port to finally enjoy the beloved gothic RPG at 60fps and 4K. At this point, it doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s a full Bloodborne remake or a Bloodborne remaster, so long as it’s coming. Well, after years of waiting and speculation, a new source claims a PS5 version of Bloodborne has reportedly been in the works – though we wouldn’t hold out hope of seeing it anytime soon.

According to Imran Khan, former senior editor of Game Informer and Fanbyte, “Bloodborne PC/PS5 was at one point in the works”. This comes off the back of years of speculation around a next-generation version of the iconic Souls game, including from Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe (it’s worth noting though that Jaffe’s claims of Bloodborne appearing at a 2023 State of Play turned out to be incorrect). However, developer FromSoftware remains silent on the future of arguably its most treasured game – and one of the best Soulslikes ever made.

Unfortunately, Khan goes on to explain that he hasn’t heard “anything in literal years”, urging players not to hold their breath waiting. So, while it’s certainly possible that a Bloodborne remake for PS5 is still in the works – and we sure hope it is – it’s yet another blow to the Souls community. Khan notes he’s “not optimistic they’ve been working on it in a corner somewhere”.

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To add a further nail in the coffin, the January 2024 State of Play confirmed that an Until Dawn remaster is on the way, giving one of the best horror games a fresh lick of paint despite it being way less in-demand than Bloodborne. Pair this with FromSoftware’s general lack of acknowledgement over the success of Bloodborne, favoring to remake Demon’s Souls and focusing on Elden Ring, and the community are going feral.

Naturally, this leaves us wondering where this reported Bloodborne PS5 port is exactly. Judging by the never-ending calls for a remake or remaster, it would be surprising to see plans to bring one of the best RPG games up to modern standards canceled due to a lack of interest. More likely, it has probably quietly been canned in favor of future projects – particularly after the overwhelming success of Elden Ring.

With that said, the superb Demon’s Souls PS5 remake was handled by Bluepoint Games, taking some of the weight from FromSoftware itself. Given the significant rise in popularity of the Souls games following Elden Ring, having the developer’s previous games readily accessible – and up to modern expectations – would no doubt be popular. Who knows, maybe the remake is canceled because the developers couldn’t get past Father Gascoigne

Nevertheless, it looks like a Bloodborne remaster won’t be joining the list of new PS5 games, at least not anytime soon. It’s not all doom and gloom though, as Lies of P gave us a perfect Bloodborne alternative on PS5, and it’s becoming increasingly likely that Elden Ring DLC will be arriving very soon.