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Calm down MW3 fans, ‘sneaky’ tweaks to your new bundle are being fixed

After accidental changes to the popular store cosmetic, the MW3 Spare Ribs bundle is being fixed, though that hasn’t stopped fans demanding refunds.

MW3 Spare Ribs changed fixed: Ghost standing with a weapon at his hips. To the left is an icon of burning money and on the right is a spanner.

The release of spicy new MW3 camos, weapon redesigns, and Operators is seemingly never-ending, and one of the most eye-catching of recent weeks is the Spare Ribs bundle. Rocking a unique transparent, skeletal design for the DG-58 LSW and WSP-9, it’s no wonder this was an incredibly popular store bundle. Unfortunately, the MW3 Spare Ribs bundle was mysteriously changed, causing Xbox and PlayStation players to demand refunds. Worry not though, as Sledgehammer Games has confirmed this was unintentional and that a fix is on the way.

The MW3 Spare Ribs bundle, which was released just last week for $9.99/£8.39, was picked up by many who wanted to give the best MW3 guns a spooky makeover for Season 2 of one of the best FPS games. However, the design of the skeleton DG-58 LSW and WSP-9 weapon models was later changed, adding a green tint to the bones inside and making the sights dark.

Previously, the weapons were almost fully transparent with pale-colored bones inside – it was a striking design. Now though, these bones feature a more green hue that frequently clashes with applied camos. In other words, those who purchased the bundle aren’t currently getting the design they bought, with this accidental new design having “ruined” the bundle. “They don’t even look like their bundle picture anymore”, a disgruntled player claims.

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Sledgehammer Games has since explained that “the appearance of these Blueprints has not been intentionally changed”. The official Trello board for tracking bugs reveals that a fix is scheduled for PS5 and Xbox, meaning the incredible design should be back to how it was soon.

Nevertheless, this has resulted in angered fans demanding a refund option as the confirmation of this bug has slipped under the radar for many. While this unfortunate redesign is down to a bug, it’s part of a larger issue with Activision’s approach. After all, this isn’t the first time cosmetics in Call of Duty have been altered after being purchased by players.

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Back in MW2, the popular LA Thieves skin was altered to include more red accents, improving visibility. Likewise, the Gaia Operator (better known as the Groot skin) was later changed to be easier to spot in dark maps. However, these changes were communicated before being implemented. Nevertheless, players aren’t ever happy having their purchased designs change.

While we wait for this spooky and striking weapon skin to get fixed, there’s plenty of grinding to do in the Horde Hunt event while hunting down the new MW3 Breaking Bad easter egg. Or, if you’re too jaded, then there’s always the new PS5 games and new Xbox games to dig into.