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Destiny 2 is giving out free Bright Dust, but you’ll have to be quick

Head on over to the Eververse store to grab a hearty bag of Destiny 2 Bright Dust for free on PS5 and Xbox during its Lunar New Year event.

Destiny 2 free Bright Dust Lunar New Year 2024: Mara Sov smiling at the camera, set against splash art of the D2 LNY items and two Bright Dust icons.

If there’s anything Bungie consistently nails with Destiny 2, it’s creating unique armor and weapon ornaments that we just have to get our hands on. This often means grinding for lots of Bright Dust to spend over at the Eververse store. Well, to celebrate Lunar New Year 2024, Destiny 2 is giving away a hearty bundle of free Bright Dust – but you’ll have to act fast to claim it.

Thankfully, all you’ll have to do to claim your 880 Bright Dust is log into Destiny 2 on PS5 and Xbox and head over to the Eververse store homepage where you can find your free gift. However, your Bright Dust gift will only be around during the current Lunar New Year event which ends on Tuesday, February 13, 2024. In other words, you’ve got less than a week to get this big wad of Dust for free. If you care as much about your style as you do your Destiny 2 Titan build, Warlock build, and Hunter build, then you don’t want to miss out.

As for what to spend your sudden influx of Bright Dust on, there’s certainly a lot to choose from to spice things up in one of the best FPS games. This week, the Eververse Bright Dust offerings are:

  • Festive Sparks (emote) – 3,250 Bright Dust
  • Origami Crane (emote) – 3,250 Bright Dust
  • Jubilant Decree (emote) – 700 Bright Dust
  • Pale Rider (Fourth Horseman ornament) – 1,250 Bright Dust
  • Aurora Sacrifice (Hallowfire Heart ornament) – 1,500 Bright Dust
  • Arcade Shell (Ghost shell) – 2,850 Bright Dust
  • Kosmos Lightbeam (ship) – 2,000 Bright Dust
  • Out of Dodge (sparrow) – 2,500 Bright Dust
  • Inflorescence (transmat effect) – 450 Bright Dust
  • Taken Arrival (transmat effect) – 450 Bright Dust
  • Cabal Shield Breaker (transmat effect) – 450 Bright Dust
  • Stasis Entrance (transmat effect) – 450 Bright Dust
  • Lunar Tiger Projection (Ghost projection) – 1,500 Bright Dust
  • Circadian Chill (shader) – 300 Bright Dust
  • Hazard Pay (shader) – 300 Bright Dust
  • Chalco’s Finery (shader) – 300 Bright Dust
  • Grayscale Undergrowth (shader) – 300 Bright Dust
  • Empirical Imperative (shader) – 300 Bright Dust
  • Gamekeeper (shader) – 300 Bright Dust

While emotes and ornaments are no doubt the most precious items to many, there are several rare Lunar New Year items returning in the shop that you could spend your Bright Dust on, such as the Lunar Tiger Projection.

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Unfortunately, the new Lunar New Year items, such as the Firecracker Sparrow, Lunar Omen ship, and the tasty new Two-Tailed Fox and Riskrunner ornaments, all require Silver – Destiny 2’s paid premium currency – to purchase.

Nevertheless, 880 Bright Dust is a sizeable sum if you’ve got your eyes on an item and need just that little bit more. Remember, if there’s nothing you like in the shop currently, you can always save your Bright Dust – once you’ve claimed the gift, it’s yours to do with as you please.

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