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Skate is still 2 years away for PS5 and Xbox, leaker claims

EA's Skate is highly anticipated for PS5 and Xbox players, but the free-to-play multiplayer game is allegedly still a halfpipe dream.

We prefer to ignore that 14 years have passed since Skate 3 came out, as the grey hairs might start to set in. However, like many PS5 and Xbox players, we can’t wait to play Full Circle’s Skate sequel. Bringing everyone together to kickflip their way around in San Vansterdam, the new Skate game is currently in its playtesting phase. And it could remain for that way until at least 2026.

That’s according to leaker ‘VISCERAL’ on social media, who claims that “[my] source told me [that] 75 people are working [for] full circle on Skate.” The game continues to remain in its pre-alpha stage, often inviting players to play it through the Skate Insider program. These early glimpses of the game, which require a Non-Disclosure Agreement to be signed, have been only for PC players so far.

Furthermore, VISCERAL allegedly developer Full Circle is targeting a Fiscal Year 2026 release date for Skate. The development team consists of former EA Black Box talent, the studio responsible for bringing the original Skate trilogy to PS3 and Xbox 360. Full Circle is looking for new talent to join its ranks, according to LinkedIn. Though this isn’t entirely an indicator of how far along the project is, we can speculate that Skate still has a long way to go before becoming one of the best multiplayer games out there.

Skate release window leaks: An image of the VISCERAL on X talking about the Skate release date.

The question of the Skate release date has cultivated a pretty funny reputation of its own between players and the studio. Developer insight videos on Full Circle’s YouTube and snippets of the game simply say “we’re working on it” or “still working on it”, acknowledging the outcry for a definitive date. Whether Skate is coming in 2026 is yet to be confirmed, but either way, it isn’t all bad news for this new PS5 game.

Skate console playtesting is confirmed to be commencing this year, allowing PS5 and Xbox players to get a taste of what San Vansterdam has to offer. With features like Skate crossplay and crossprogression confirmed for the game’s full release, you’ll be able to play Skate wherever you are, no matter which platform you have available. This time around, the fresh Skate free-to-play model means that aspects of microtransactions will be present in the game.

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However, you won’t need to worry about anything like Skate loot boxes. In the meantime, we’re still dissecting the latest PlayStation State of Play presentation, which has many questions left unanswered.