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Is Skate 4 free to play

Is Skate free to play or do you have to cough up some cash to play the skateboarding game? Our guide has all the information you need before hitting the bowl

skate free to play early game footage

If you’re anything like us, you just can’t wait for the new Skate game to come out. It’s been almost ten years since we last ragdolled our way into the hospital with broken bones in Skate 3, and it’s about time we ragdoll our way into the hospital again, but this time with next-gen graphics. With a new Skate game coming out soon though, and with gaming trends different from how they were back then, you might be wondering if we’ll get Skate free to play.

There’s nothing quite like grabbing your board, slipping on your Vans, and heading out into the concrete jungle to grind up the place, pester passers-by with your kickflipping antics, and launch yourself off a ramp only to land on a brand-new car. This is a game about punktastic skating culture, after all. But, will we have to pay to play?


Is Skate 4 free to play?

Skate will be free to play when it launches. The developers announced that Skate will be free to play in an almost 20-minute long video where they talk about the upcoming skateboarding game and its features.

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The new Skate, or what fans waiting almost a decade for the next instalment might call Skate 4, will be a live-service game that is going to be updated regularly for a long time, according to the Skate developers.

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