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Will Skate have crossplay and cross-platform support?

After EA lifted the lid on the return of the beloved franchise, here is everything you need to know about Skate crossplay and Skate 4 crossplatform support

Skate Crossplay: A skater can be seen heading out to skate in the city.

Will Skate have crossplay and cross-platform support? Despite not being named Skate 4, everyone for right now is still calling it Skate 4 and the game’s live service has been questioned with fans wanting a full picture of EA’s plans. One of those is what is happening with Skate 4 crossplay and cross-platform support.

EA and Full Circle are building Skate as an ever-growing and ever-living platform for the franchise that players can invest themselves in as they skate alongside their friends. And, one key pillar of every live-service game, including many of EA’s is crossplay functionality across every platform.

So, while you sit in a park, ready to skate towards the release date of the game, you probably want to know what EA has planned for the features. So, continue reading for the full overview of Skate crossplay and cross-platform support.

Skate Crossplay and Cross-Platform Support

Skate 4 will have full crossplay and cross-platform support across all platforms when it launches. This means Skate players will be able to play with other on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

The game is still in very early development so we don’t have a full idea of how the feature will work within Skate’s gameplay. Similarly, we don’t know if you will be able to turn cross-play off. However, seeing as you can in most modern games, you likely will be able to here as well.

This should ensure Skate has a sizeable playerbase as it continues to grow after the initial launch.

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