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EA confirms Skate console playtests for PS5 and Xbox in 2024

The time to play the new Skate game on PS5 and Xbox is approaching, as Full Circle confirms console testing will be arriving next year.

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For some PS5 and Xbox players, the wait for the next Skate game is equally agonizing as waiting for GTA 6. It has been nearly 14 years since Skate 3, and now all eyes are on EA studio Full Circle as it works on the long-awaited next entry in the franchise. While it isn’t taking on the mantle of Skate 4, Full Circle promises it will be true to the series, and that Skate console playtests are officially coming next year.

In a new Skate development diary from the Full Circle team, lead creative writer Cuz Parry and senior creative director Deran Chung read comments from PS5 and Xbox players looking to learn more at the next entry. Alongside confirmation that the game will also be releasing on last generation consoles like the PlayStation 4, Chung expresses “good news, console testing is coming next year.” While it won’t be straight away, Chung adds that it will definitely be in 2024.

For the last few months, Skate playtests have been conducted within the PC version of the game, allowing players to give their feedback on new features, gameplay tweaks, and more as Full Circle continues to refine exactly what Skate is. Further developments on the Skate release date are still up in the air, but we speculate that it could arrive in the later half of next year, or early 2025 at the latest. Skate could become one of the best multiplayer games out there, as the next entry pivots toward a live-service approach, rather than the mission-focused style of previous games.

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Skate will take place in San Vansterdam, a completely new locale for the franchise, that will allow creativity never seen before in the other Skate games. Full Circle is working on levels of customization, both for the environment and player, that add a new layer of personality to gameplay. Specifically, gameplay improvements include a parkour system of sorts, which can be combined with traditional skate tricks to produce some truly outlandish combos.

Of course, there is still room for street skating alongside more ridiculous antics. Rumors surrounding the game purported that Loot Boxes would plague the game’s microtransactions, but this was later clarified and debunked by the developer. Skate crossplay will also factor in the experience, as players will be able to play together across different platforms for the first time in Skate history. So just to recap, here some of the main features coming to the next Skate game:

  • Skate will be available on last-gen consoles (Xbox One and PS4), as well as Xbox Series S/X, PS5 and on Steam as well as the EA app for PC players
  • Console playtesting is coming in 2024
  • Players will be able to hold their flip tricks and roll on the axis.
  • The game will include tricks that reflect skateboarding today like boned ollies, slappy grinds and wallies. You will also be able to hold flip tricks and they will continue to flip on all axes ie. double flips, double hardflips, etc
  • There will be lots of opportunities for players to unlock great rewards without having to pay for them
  • The game will be cross-platform and feature cross-progression

If you want to secure your chance of getting in on the Skate console playtests, you’ll need to sign up over on the official Skate website here. Skate is one of many new PS5 games and new Xbox games we can’t wait for, so be sure to keep checking back in with us as new developments arise.