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AC Mirage adds permadeath for the ultimate Assassin’s Creed gauntlet

Put your Master Assassin skills to the test with a petrifying AC Mirage permadeath mode to earn one-of-a-kind rewards, if you’re brave enough.

Assassin's Creed Mirage permadeath Full Synchronization Challenge: Basim looking towards the camera. To the left is a skull emoji and on the right is a save floppy disk icon with a red cross on it.

In the months following its launch, Assassin’s Creed Mirage has gone from strength to strength on PS5 and Xbox, delivering New Game Plus and several other highly-requested features. Well, the latest update might just be its best yet, because it adds an AC Mirage permadeath mode for the most skilled Assassins looking for a challenge and unique rewards.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage’s smaller scope wasn’t for everyone, but we found it to be a great return to form and the many updates since then have added a surprising amount to the PS5 and Xbox game. One of the best open-world games just got even better with Title Update 1.0.7, which has now added the Full Synchronization Challenge. As the ultimate test of your assassin skills, in this mode your save will be permanently deleted if you die or commit illegal actions like killing civilians. Yes, “when enabled, Basim will desynchronize from the animus if he dies, or if he commits illegal actions”, as the patch notes read.

Instead of reloading back into your last checkpoint like usual, you’ll be met with a summary of your progress, “showing statistics of gameplay time, total amount of conflicts, cause of the death, number of enemies killed, assassin rank and difficulty”. The goal? Complete the game without desynchronizing. After all, there are no second chances – your save file is permanently deleted. Importantly, “cross-progression and Cloud saves will be disabled when starting permadeath,” so keep that in mind.

For taking on this challenge and living to tell the tale, you’ll get access to the following Full Synchronization Challenge rewards:

  • Easy difficulty: unlock an emblem
  • Normal difficulty: unlock the Rayhan costume
  • Hard difficulty: unlock six new dyes for existing outfits (Initiate, Zanj Uprising, Abbasid Knight, Hidden Ones, Rostam, Bayek)

These rewards come in very handy considering this new update also adds gear transmog at long last. With so many great outfits – which previously each had unique skills – it’s great news that you’re able to wear any costume you want while still getting the bonuses that suit your playstyle.

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When you’re playing through the new permadeath mode, keep an eye out for a brand-new easter egg while you’re at it. That’s right, the developer has sneakily added a new secret to discover. The patch notes read: “We added a surprise easter egg to the world, a new special assassin that you might meet purrusing the streets. Be sure to snap a photo if you meownage to find them”. So, it certainly sounds like you’ll get to meet a cat assassin if you’re diligent.

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