Call of Duty: Warzone’s loadouts are finally separate from Modern Warfare

Patch 1.29 adds independent loadouts and private Warzone matches

Call of Duty: Warzone’s loadouts are finally completely independent of Modern Warfare. This fan-requested tweak arrived in update 1.29, which also made a number of bug fixes and added another interesting feature – private Warzone matches.

Next time you boot up the game, you’ll notice that the loadout selection process has been altered a fair bit. You now have ten loadouts for Warzone and ten for Modern Warfare’s multiplayer modes, furthering separating the two games. The change makes sense when you consider that a decent Warzone loadout won’t necessarily work magic in multiplayer or vice versa. This is also likely another step in preparation for Warzone being integrated into the new Call of Duty title, Black Ops Cold War, in the near future.

Private Warzone matches are an equally welcome addition. The feature is now in beta, and there are currently three available modes. One slight issue is that you’ll need to gather together a very sizeable number of players in order to start a match. 50 players is the minimum count for standard Battle Royale, 30 for Plunder, and 24 for Mini Battle Royale.

Another bit of good news is that the update shrinks Modern Warfare and Warzone’s file size by a whopping 25GB.

Plus, if you’re interested in higher-resolution textures, you can now download an optional high-res pack on consoles. The full patch notes for update 1.29 are available over on Infinity Ward’s official site, and if Warzone is giving you a hard time, perhaps our guide to the best AS-VAL loadouts will be of some use.