Black Friday deals for WD_Black P10 hard drives are a go – save up to $40/£47

Here are the best Black Friday deals on external hard drives

With game file sizes continuing to increase year on year, many have now turned to external storage solutions to avoid the frustration of making way for the latest storage-hogging blockbuster, some of which demand 100GB or more to run. We’re looking at you, Call of Duty.

The problem is that external HDDs and SDDs aren’t always the most portable or good-looking pieces of kit, but companies like Western Digital specialise in drives that are both slick and highly durable. As you might expect, though, they don’t always come cheap.

But today is no normal day: it’s Black Friday, and WD_Black has knocked a hefty chunk of change off its P10 series hard drives. Currently, the 2TB, 4TB, and 5TB drives are all on sale and shipping from Amazon. They’re all compatible with PC, Mac, and consoles, so you’ll surely find a good deal of use for all those terabytes.

While you won’t yet be able to use these to store your Xbox Series X|S or PS5 games, it’s always handy to have some form of external storage sitting around, even for non-gamers. It’s certainly an added bonus that the WD_Black devices look great and are now so very competitively priced.

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